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2004 - Articles Archive
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December 2004
Childhood's end
The innocence of children has been stripped away by these monsters in the name of children's rights, in the name of enlightenment, in the name of progress. The very people who claim to be so concerned about "the children" have victimized an entire generation or two of kids. [12/24/2004]
Conservative students, liberal professors
Traditionally, clashes over academic freedom have pitted politicians or administrators against instructors who wanted to express their opinions and teach as they saw fit. But increasingly, it is students who are invoking academic freedom, claiming biased professors are violating their right to a classroom free from indoctrination.
Present at the Creation
"Whatever we have achieved in Afghanistan--the peace, the election, the reconstruction, the life that the Afghans are living today in peace, the children going to school, the businesses, the fact that Afghanistan is again a respected member of the international community--is from the help that the United States of America gave us."
Planned Parenthood's Christmas Card: "Choice on Earth" or "Slaughter of the Innocents"?
Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse - By the term "choice on earth," Planned Parenthood inserts a different value into the heart of the Christian narrative. The card strikes at their opposition by adulterating the well from which the moral tradition is drawn. They want to abort the narrative before it is heard.
Selective separation
Until these avowed secularists start complaining about non-Christian, values-laden instruction in public schools, they'll come up short in the credibility department. When public schools endorse New Age ideas or the radical homosexual agenda, for example, the separationists are nowhere to be found.
Intellectual diversity? not on campus
The left-wing takeover of American universities is accelerating. Today, campus leftism is not merely prevalent, it is radical, aggressive, and deeply intolerant of anything remotely conservative or balanced.
Those who put up decorations make society better
Life is greatly enhanced for Americans of all faiths by people who take the time and pay the expense to put up Christmas displays. If you celebrate Christmas and you put up no public display, please reconsider. It is one way you can immediately have a positive impact on our society.
Who's Afraid of Christmas?
The Christmas Deconstruction Alliance just does not get it. They are dumbfounded as they have not been able to secularize Christmas. They throw tantrums because of the tenacity with which the vast majority of us hold onto our Christian beliefs and traditions.
Goodbye Christmas?
The attempts to de-Christianize Christmas are as absurd as they are relentless. The U.S. today is the most tolerant and diverse society in history. It celebrates all faiths with an open heart and open-mindedness that, compared to even the most advanced countries in Europe, are unique.
U.S. communities fail to keep 'Christ' in Christmas
Christmas has been sanitized in schools and public squares, in malls and parades where Santa's OK, Jesus Christ is not. There is an irrational bias against anything remotely religious unless it's sanitized and secularized, and unfortunately, far too many parents, students and teachers erroneously believe they cannot do anything. [12/9/2004]
A Jew says 'Merry Christmas'
There is nothing inclusive about silencing the 90 percent of Americans who celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christians, after all, have freedom of religion, too -- and that freedom shelters my faith no less than it does theirs. Christmas is a blessing for all Americans. May yours be filled with joy.
Christian Rock Band Banned from Playing Toldeo Public School
Rossford High School officials were considering letting a Christian rock band play during an anti-drug assembly next week, but decided yesterday to cancel the performance because of concerns over having religious music played in a public school.
Christmas Tree Controversy
Sidney and Jennifer Stock are atheists. They asked the city council to remove the tree because it represents Christmas, which is a Christian holiday.
Pro-Abortion Christmas Cards Ready to Offend Again
They're back. Planned Parenthood's "Choice on Earth" Christmas cards that are panned as offensive each year are returning once again.
Keeping Christ in Christmas
When the pope has to remind his Catholics that celebrating the birth of Christ is "an element of our culture and of art, but above all a sign of faith in God," isn't it pretty much gone?
Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!
Christmas is the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is the beginning of the fulfillment of God's Promise to His children: eternal life. Christmas is only a step in our journey towards the Resurrection.
Christmas censors
The annual assault on Christmas comes in many forms. First, there is the barrage of litigation by the American Civil Liberties Union, which is reliably offended by almost any representation of Christianity in the public square. Small towns, facing the prospect of expensive litigation over religious displays on public property, often cave in simply out of fear.
Challenging the Christmas “Grinch” in New York and Florida
The Thomas More Law Center is fighting two separate cases, one in New York City and the other in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, over policies that outlaw the public display of the Christian Nativity while permitting the display of symbols of other religions.
On the loss of a friend I never met
The sacrifice of Dimitrios Gavriel, an Orthodox Marine, should remind us all that the comfort and security we know were bought with a bloody price, and that it still takes blood to preserve it. It should also remind us of those ancient words: "Greater love hath no man than this. That a man lay down his life for his friends."
Orthodox Marine from NH to be buried at Arlington
Dimitrios Gavriel's story unfolded inside the Orthodox church, where he was remembered as someone who took his responsibility to others so seriously that, after losing two friends in the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, he left a six-figure job as a research equity analyst on Wall Street to go to war at age 29.
Haverhill Orthodox Marine left many 'best friends'
The body of Dimitrios Gavriel, 29, who sacrificed his career on Wall Street to join the war in Iraq, arrived at his hometown church yesterday in a flag-draped coffin. When his body entered Holy Apostles Saint Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church, the foreboding echo of organ music that filled the sanctuary stopped on one final reverberating note. The lights went dim, the church bells rang, and the nervous whispers of hundreds of mourners turned into quiet sobs.
President Bush Signs Bill Containing Hospital-Abortion Protection
President Bush signed a bill on Wednesday that includes language protecting hospitals, medical professionals and health insurance providers from being forced or perform or pay for abortions.
Hype, hoaxes, hacks . . . and science
Too much of what activists and worrywarts and even scientists publicly claim as science isn't science. It's what's been called "scientism" — the romance of science wrapped up in a good story, involving catastrophe if at all possible.
In Service to Inhumanity
In the Netherlands, a country that never hesitates to unfold the logic of liberalism to its farthest points, doctors have devised a program to euthanize babies deemed defective. They euthanized four babies last year and now they are calling upon the Dutch government to pursue a more ambitious program that would let doctors euthanize undesirables with "no free will," meaning minors. [Dec. 2004]
The air marshals' mess
Can you imagine if an al Qaeda bureaucrat had ordered the 19 Sept. 11 terrorists to wear "I heart Osama" T-shirts when they embarked on their murderous flights?
Another dictator toppled (here at home)
Mary Frances Berry, chairman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, is resigning. Berry, a radical liberal, ruled the Commission like a dictator, bullying her allies and undermining her foes through means fair and foul.
Oliver Stone's 'Waterloo'
With his latest pathetic movie "Alexander" Oliver Stone proves that he doesn't just create train wrecks. He knocks the train off the rails, sets it on fire, then kills every person on board.
November 2004
The Nanny State in Space
Government is already too big, too inefficient and too overextended to start regulating space. It was smart enough to leave the Internet alone and let it flourish and prosper. Now it needs to get out of the way and stay out of space. [Nov. 2004]
Grace, gratitude and God
The snobs of secularism will no doubt disparage a Christian's "simple-minded" expressions of piety. They call us "Jesus freaks," "Bible-thumpers" and "fundies." They accuse us of being "weak" and of suffering from a "neurological disorder." They consider us such a threat that they have sought to expunge even the most innocuous references to thanking God in the public schools.
Declaration of Independence Banned
In the city of Cupertino, California, a fifth grade public school teacher at Stevens Creek School, Stephen Williams, has been prohibited by the principal from distributing the Declaration of Independence among other documents from the American Founding. Why? Because they mention God. [11/24/2004]
The making of the Christian-jihadist myth
Following days of spin and commentary, we can confidently declare a new urban legend: George W. Bush was elected by right-wing, science-hating, vengeful Christian zealots - "revved up by rectitude," as one pundit put it - and America is embarked on a hatchet-wielding jihad against heathens, pagans and infidels.
Schools are distorting Thanksgiving
It's hard to imagine that anyone could consider the celebration controversial or feel the need to censor Thanksgiving discussions among schoolchildren. But when it comes to political correctness, no holiday is safe. Having turned Christmas and Hanukkah into amorphous winter festivals, now some school districts want to rob Thanksgiving of its historical roots.
Who are the Real Heroes?
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis - The story of Pat Tillman brings a breath of fresh air to our world. Sadly, it took the loss of his life to bring that message to us. From all the news stories I have read about him, all the man wanted to do was serve his country and mankind anonymously. [11/25/2004]
Military Bases Warned on Boy Scouts
The Pentagon has agreed to warn military bases worldwide that they should not directly sponsor Boy Scout troops, partially resolving claims that the government has improperly supported a group that requires members to believe in God.
On the use and abuse of labels
Liberals often decry labels, but labels can be helpful. It is the misuse of labels to which we ought to object.
Is America lost or just liberals?
Many liberals are beside themselves. Things were bearable when they could delude themselves into blaming their loss of power on a "stolen" election. But with this decisive defeat, they're thinking, "It's not our America anymore."
U.S. Congress Acts to Save the Mt. Soledad Cross
In a surprising turn of events, the United States Congress has joined the fight to keep the 43-foot tall cross atop Mount Soledad in San Diego, California, by designating the land on which it stands and the granite memorial walls surrounding it, a national veterans memorial. [11/23/2004]
Cultural issues confuse the liberals
Right now, Democrats seem to be leaning toward the idea that Bush’s victory is based primarily on turning out religious nuts to vote for him.
The oldest fraud
The oldest fraud is the belief that the political left is the party of the poor and the downtrodden.
Probe: Oil funds paid for bombers
Saddam Hussein diverted money from the U.N. oil-for-food program to pay millions of dollars to families of Palestinian suicide bombers who carried out attacks on Israel, say congressional investigators who uncovered evidence of the money trail.
The case for one tax rate
Whenever we do get down to talking seriously about serious changes to the tax system, one question that will inevitably arise is whether there should be one individual tax rate or several.
The loss that keeps on giving!
As we wait for CBS to concede the election, Democrats are claiming Kerry lost because Americans are stupid – and if there's one thing voters respond to, it's crude insults.
Connect these dots, now
"We should have secured the Mexican border." That could be the pitiful lament we hear from negligent U.S. officials if Al Qaeda pulls off an attack on the United States using weapons of mass destruction smuggled across our southern frontier.
Democrats out of step with American voters
The Democrats are out of step with America and, if they want to be a long-term, stable governing body, that is going to have to change.
They still don't get it. Americans support strong national defense, lower taxes, less government, believe in faith and family as traditionally defined, and support restrictions on abortion.
Why Democrats are tagged as the party without values
The Democratic Party is no more representative of the average Democrat's values than the National Council of Churches is of the average Protestant's values. Both are far to the left of their membership.
Reagan is Smiling
Let this be clear: this election is a reaffirmation of Ronald Reagan--his hopefulness, his vision, and his adherence to the conservative values that rescued the Republican Party from its political exile.
Left Without a Fix
Conservatives intend to fix Social Security, welfare and Medicare -- the very programs that liberals created. And we’ll do so no matter how often the left yells, “Stop!”
On uniting, healing and mandates
The Democrats' repeated charge that President Bush broke his 2000 campaign promise to be a uniter, not a divider, is fundamentally dishonest and wrongheaded, as is their insistence following this election, that he begin the healing process.
Chapter two
Later than most two-term presidents, George Bush got his mandate.
Democratic disaster
Democrats confront a grim future. Bush's 3.5-million-vote edge in the popular vote reflects a party out of touch with the country on social issues, the role of government and the war against terrorism.
The Great Relearning
Having restored decency to the White House, President Bush now has a mandate to affect policy that will promote a more decent society, through both politics and law.
Deep Bush States Report Dramatic Increase in Voter Turnout
High voter turnouts in Bush country!
Is God For Kerry?
As the campaign season closes we can say goodbye to yet another presidential contest in which Democrats used religion for political purposes with complete impunity, while, amazingly, the media accused Republicans of exploiting religion and wrung its hands over George W. Bush’s “troubling” faith.
October 2004
Belief without advocacy is dead
"Democracy depends on people of conviction expressing their views, confidently and without embarrassment. This give-and-take is an American tradition, and religious believers play a vital role in it.
Sharing and Supporting Issues and Values of the Orthodox Christian Community
President George Bush addresses Orthodox Christians.
The War Democrats Believe In
For 78 days in 1999, we bombed Christian Yugoslavia (our ally in two World Wars) to aid Moslem separatists who were tight with Osama bin Laden. Ever since, NATO has occupied its sovereign territory – with disastrous results.
Mel Gibson Comes Out Against Proposition 71 in California
Mel Gibson says he has an "ethical problem" with Proposition 71 -- $3 billion dollar bond measure to fund human embryonic stem cell research.
In the Face of Evil (Video)
The legacy of Ronald Reagan vs. John Kerry's record of dealing with evil. Must see video!
The Death of Shame
After nearly four years of Bush's presidency, it should be obvious to black voters that the terrible warnings they were given in 2000 were completely false. But the race-baiting is already under way, albeit on a smaller scale, as the Democrats piously warn of "voter intimidation."
Kerry's Distrust of America Then and Now
Apparently John Kerry is still very much confused about who the good guys are. Just like the "peace at all costs" activists from the 1980s who opposed Ronald Reagan's policy of peace through strength, Kerry shows a remarkable mistrust of America's nuclear power.
Religion Plays a Key Role in American Politics
Rev. Robert Sirico - In the final weeks of the presidential campaign, much to the shock and awe of the intellectual elites, the race has come around to religion.
The illegal alien swing vote
If we all value the sanctity of the voting process so highly, why is it that I've never once been asked to produce identification of any kind in the 16 years I've been a voter.
The More Catholics Know, The Clearer The Choice To Vote Bush
Democrat legislator support Bush. "Kerry is the first Presidential candidate ever to receive the endorsement of Planned Parenthood. The group described electing Kerry as “crucial to preserving access to abortion.”
The 'Dangerous' Faith of President Bush
Why do you suppose President Bush gets so much flak for his faith and John Kerry is applauded for his professions of faith -- by the very same people? Could it be that the faith-allergic fear that President Bush is actually sincere about his faith?
How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy
Today's worry concerns a cloud of locust-like lawyers asserting novel theories that purport to demonstrate that sensible rules, such as requiring voters to have identification, are illegal, even unconstitutional.
Does he or doesn’t he?
Senator Kerry is trying to make the practice of faith an issue in the presidential election. But if you listen to what he says, it's extremely difficult to figure out exactly what is and isn't an acceptable application of one's faith in the public square.
Kerry Hiding from Interviews - Running Scared?
Both Woodward and O'Reilly have been seeking an interview with Kerry and have been turned down repeatedly, although President Bush answered all their questions.
Unimposing Kerry
Only the church, and in fact only the church when it speaks against the laws and policies required by sexual liberationism, is denied the right to speak for its principles in our political life, for reasons Kerry has never explained. [October 2004]
How Jews should vote?
There are overwhelmingly powerful Jewish reasons to vote for President Bush and equally powerful Jewish reasons not to vote for John Kerry.
A Man for Some Seasons
John Kerry turns his back to God on the big issue.
Anything to get elected
There is no apologizing for Edwards' remark. It is too revealing. There is absolutely nothing the man will not say to get elected.
Dumb Science, Kerry's Religion
I was amused when Kerry said, during the second debate, "I believe in science." That was a pretty clear contrast with George W. Bush, who believes in God.
What Democrats Still Don't Get
Deadly people with the means and commitment to inflict large casualties on U.S. citizens will never just be nuisances. President Bush knows this. The American people know it. American liberals don't.
The Big Lie
What Kerry has done here is told the big lie about embryonic stem cells. The claim that "we have the option" of curing Parkinson's disease, diabetes, etc. with embryonic stem cells is outrageous. No scientist has ever made such claim.
Police Call on Kerry to Stop Misrepresenting Their Support
Chuck Canterbury, the President of the nation's largest police labor organization, called on John Kerry to stop making misleading statements regarding his support from the law enforcement community.
Targeting our democracy
It is true that many millions around the world -- from Jacques Chirac to the Arab street -- dislike Bush and want to see him defeated. It is ridiculous to pretend that Osama, Zarqawi and the other barbarians are not among them.
What Democrats Still Don't Get
Until American liberals overcome this fear of the American people--until they learn to trust us more than they trust their friends in Europe--they will flip, flop and flounder in their effort to take back the White House.
Believe it or not
Benedict College in Columbia, S.C., enforces an academic policy that defies belief.
What would Zarqawi be doing if he weren't in Iraq?
The claim that there are more, indeed many, terrorists in Iraq now is true. But the terrorists are there because they know that if America prevails in establishing a relatively free country where there once stood an America-hating terrorist-supporting Arab regime, they are ultimately doomed.
'We will not waiver...'
National security is not for the faint of heart, and John Kerry's feints of heart prove that the Senator from Massachusetts, replete with his history of foreign policy waffling and betrayal of the national trust, is simply not up to the task.
Anti-Bush registration drive stirs fraud concerns
Democratic Party officials are gearing up to challenge unfavorable Election Day results in a number of states through "pre-emptive strikes," charging that Republicans prevented minorities from voting even before any such incidents are confirmed.
Why I cannot vote for John Kerry
Two unimpressive men have been nominated by the Democratic Party to be president and vice president of the world's greatest country. If they win, this country will, for the first time, begin relinquishing that greatness.
Cataloging Kerry’s Canards
Spinning facts and figures is as old as politics itself, but Wednesday night, Sen. John Kerry marshaled a mountain of distortions to create his own America—one that exists only as a figment of his imagination.
Tehran John
It should be of grave concern to every American that among Kerry's top fund-raisers are three Iranian-Americans who have been pushing for dramatic changes in U.S. policy toward Iran.
Gloom and doom
Kerry and much of our press continue to talk about the "disaster" of having to fight terrorists in Iraq. Before carrying that line of argument too far, they might consider the words of a Marine major here in Iraq who reminded me, "In war it's always better to play 'away games' than 'home games.'"
Our Kerry Iraq Guide
Setting the record straight on Kerry's lies and obfuscations. Many of Kerry's mantras are purposely misleading and false!
September 2004
Conservatives in a Liberal Landscape
Liberal dominance of higher education has gone on far too long, they say, and has curtailed the free exchange of ideas that colleges should foster.
More Intellectual Diversity in Kremlin Than on U.S. Campuses
A conservative author and speaker says political donations by public university employees indicate just how widespread liberal bias in academia has become.
The Washington Post plays class warfare
The media have a false template — Republicans are for the rich, Democrats represent the middle class. Any data that confirms this template is reported—often on page one—while any data contradicting it is ignored or buried on the back pages.
American Academia Is an Intellectual Ghetto
Despite diversity becoming something of a mantra on most campuses, colleges and universities embrace intellectual conformity more than any major American institution.
Unholy Alliance Part I
The left is really a crypto-religion; it is a collective delusion. It is based on the inability of its adherents to come to terms with the real world, the actually existing world, with their own mortality, with human limits.
Unholy Alliance Part II
If we were to lose in Iraq and be forced to withdraw, there would be a bloodbath of all those who fought with us, and who resisted the terrorists, and then all those in the terrorists’ path.
Reuters Admits Appeasing Terrorists
"Our editorial policy is that we don't use emotive words when labeling someone," said Schlesinger, Reuters' global managing editor. "My goal is to protect our reporters and protect our editorial integrity," he said. Of course how Reuters defines "integrity" is anyone's guess!
President-making security moms
The latest phenomenon in presidential politics is the metamorphosis of women from “soccer moms” to “security moms.” If this group is as much in play as some polls suggest, then mothers concerned with the security of their children may well prove to be president-makers in 2004.
Anti-homeschooling bigots strike again
The public school establishment hates homeschoolers. They've smeared the movement as a conspiracy of conservative Christian zealots.
Iraqi Women Thank the U.S. for Freedom
"You (Americans) see (television images of) a lot of violence" in Iraq, and there is violence, she said. "But a lot of good things are happening to us. ... Un der Saddam, we had no rights, especially women."
Kerry "Not Necessarily" Presidential
Though he again looked largely polished and smooth, John Kerry showed unusual temerity in taking multiple positions on each issue during the same debate—making him look more like a panderer than a president.
The fight for black voters
It is time for black children to stop hearing that they can't make it, and this is exactly what they are hearing from Democrats.
Scientists Debunk 'Global Warming' Effect on Hurricanes
The recent onslaught of hurricanes has prompted media outlets to mention "global warming" as a cause, but a team of climate researchers strongly disagree. [Sep. 2004]
Belgium considers euthanasia for children
The Culture of Death, supported by moral relativism marches on.
Academics Defend Pedophilia
Are pedophiles the next campus “victim” group? A tiny but vocal group of academics are working to make the answer yes.
The left thinks legally, the right thinks morally
To understand the worldwide ideological battle one must understand the vast differences between leftist and rightist worldviews and between secular and religious (specifically Judeo-Christian) values.
Solider in Irag - Letter to American People
The 1st debate in the campaign for presidency of the United States raised some crucial issues that are still a cause for confusion to the American people. Captain Hayes, serving in Iraq, provides us with a more truthful perspective!
Kerry Changes His Mind Yet Again - Supports Saddam
Staking out new ground on Iraq, John Kerry said Monday he would not have overthrown Saddam Hussein had he been in the White House, and he accused President Bush of "stubborn incompetence," dishonesty and colossal failures of judgment.
The death cry of snob journalism
With a click of the mouse and easy-to-use Web log software, Internet-savvy citizens across America and around the world are relentlessly unmasking the frauds of snob journalism as never before. The wall between the self-anointed press protectorate and the unwashed masses has crumbled.
The more John Kerry changes, the more he stays the same
While Kerry works out his positions, apparently the voters have decided that their legitimate act of self-defense is to vote for Bush.
They shoot children, don't they?
Dennis Prager: According to The New York Times, when the terrorists took over the Russian elementary school, they shouted "Allah is the greatest." Having targeted little children for death, there is no atrocity, no barbarity, no act of evil that the human race cannot imagine fanatical Muslims committing.
Back-to-school week – or Indoctrination 101?
All across the country this week, students are beginning their college education and, in many cases, getting a rude awakening. It's not always about education, they say. Often it's about indoctrination.
Does government know best?
A sound Christian understanding of the role of the state views government not as an end in itself but as a means to serve the common good. The nature of government is penultimate: the good of its citizens should be placed before the good of government’s institutional interests.
So, Do We Get to Call Dan Rather a Liar?
Now that management at CBS has concluded that Dan Rather and the crew at CBS News were "duped" into the Memogate scandal, do I get to call Dan Rather a liar?
Thinking with your ideology rather than your brain makes you susceptible to being duped. Dan Rather and CBS News are finding this out the hard way.
Difference in Documents
Compare actual documents on President Bush's National Guard service released by the Pentagon, with the Forgeries used by Dan Rather.
Forged Bush National Guard Memos Almost Certain
Independent document examiner expert Sandra Lines said the memos were probably produced on a PC using Word. Lines, pointed to a superscript - a smaller, raised "th" in "111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron" - as strong evidence indicating forgery.
Anatomy of a Forgery
"The problem was we had one set of documents from Bush's file that had Killian calling Bush 'an exceptionally fine young officer and pilot.' And someone who Killian said 'performed in an outstanding manner.' Then you have these new documents and the tone and content are so different."
Strong Evidence the Bush Records Presented ARE FAKE
Review the actual "memos" used by '60 Minutes.' Every single one of the memos to file regarding Bush's failure to attend a physical and meet other requirements is in a proportionally spaced font, probably Palatino or Times New Roman. In 1972 people used typewriters for this sort of thing (especially in the military), and typewriters used mono-spaced fonts. The use of proportionally spaced fonts did not come into common use for office memos until the mid to late 90's.
Russia Ready to Strike Against 'Terror' Worldwide
Russia's top general threatened on Wednesday to attack "terrorist bases" anywhere in the world, as security services put a $10 million bounty on two Chechen rebels they blame for last week's school masacre.
Remember 9/11: Stop sanitizing the killers
How many times have you picked up a newspaper and read about terrorist attacks perpetrated not by Muslim terrorists, but by generic "militants" or "guerrillas" or "rebels" or, as Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes noted the Pakistan Times called them, "activists"?
Al-Qaida link to school massacre?
Russian authorities said at least 10 of the 32 supposedly "Chechen" terrorists responsible for the school massacre that killed more than 400 people were actually Arab nationals.
The President takes control
"This young century will be liberty's century," said Bush in the graceful, understated lilt of his best speeches. "By promoting liberty abroad, we will build a safer world. By encouraging liberty at home, we will build a more hopeful America.
Nowhere left to flop
If the election were held today, John Kerry would lose by between 58 and 100 electoral votes. The reason is simple: the central vulnerability of this president -- the central issue of this campaign -- is the Iraq War. And Kerry has nothing left to say.
Muslim group takes responsibility for 9-11
Muslims must look inward and put a stop to many of our religious leaders who spend most of their sermons teaching hatred, intolerance and violent jihad. We should not be afraid to admit that as Muslims we have a problem with violent extremism.
Fully automatic propaganda
Educators are not the only ones spewing nonsense about gun control these days. Nightline did a segment last week on the assault weapons ban with fully automatic weapons blazing in the background, nearly drowning out the voice of Ted Koppel (that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing). Such weapons have nothing to do with the 1994 ban. In fact, they have been banned since 1934.
Washington Times: Killian Memo Signatures Forged
Eugene P. Hussey, a certified forensic document examiner in Washington state, said yesterday the signatures on the memos CBS produced to are most likely forged.
Summary of Many Discrepancies with CBS docs
The evidence strongly supports forgeries.
Proof of FORGERY of Bush "Memos"
Detailed analysis showing the fonts used can only come from MS Word on a computer.
Animation Shows FORGERY via Overlay with Word Document
Overlay shows Memos were created using MS Word - 100% match.
The Beslan Savagery
The truth is, the perpetrators of the school siege were not human. They were beasts — savage, bloodthirsty demons. For no human being, no matter how legitimately aggrieved, could so savagely open fire on innocent, helpless kids.
Islamic Terrorists Knifed Babies and Raped Girls
While despairing soldiers and rescue workers moved among the growing pile of body bags, it was revealed that an 18-month-old baby had been repeatedly stabbed by a black-clad terrorist who had run out of ammunition. Other survivors told how screaming teenage girls were dragged into rooms adjoining the gymnasium where they were being held and raped.
Putin: 'We Showed Weakness, Weak People Are Beaten'
Putin said the government must develop more effective ways of securing itself and improving its actions against terrorists. "We have to admit we did not pay much attention to the complexities and to the dangers of this process of what was going on in our own country and the world as a whole."
New York: Armed Camp
Democrat Zell Miller's decision is also the most obvious: He is sincere. He firmly believes that every other issue pales beside national security. He wants his grandchildren to grow up safe.
Islamic Terrorists Slaughter Innocent Russians (Warning: Graphic images)
This is how Radical Islam wants to thank the world and spread peace to everyone. How do you negotiate with demons that kill innocent children to make a political statement?
Terrorist Euphemisms (flash-back)
A terrorist by any other name is still a terrorist, but don't expect that objective reality to be recognized or even mentioned by many politically correct media organizations.
August 2004
A dialogue with a secularist
There's no taboo on criticizing Judaism or Christianity. There's only a taboo in the university on criticizing Islam.
Reuters Editor Blasts Pro-Life Group and Bush
A Reuters news service editor sent an e-mail to a pro-life group last week, criticizing the group's stance on abortion as well as its support of the Bush administration. The angry email has prompted the pro-life group to question the editor's journalistic integrity.
Going apoplectic
What if Bush is re-elected? If they lose to him again, Democrats will need more than just consolation. They'll need therapy.
The Manchurian Mistake
This summer's remake of “The Manchurian Candidate” is a predictable Hollywood tale about the evils of the global economy. Unfortunately, a lot of religious leaders are buying into this dangerous fiction.
This year's Ingrate of the Year Award goes to...
One great lesson of American history is that one does good in this world because it is right to do good, not because the recipients will be grateful. We Americans must therefore never judge the rightness of our actions on how much gratitude or censure we receive.
Senator Zell Miller Speech - Right On!
Right now the world just cannot afford an indecisive America. Fainthearted, self-indulgence will put at risk all we care about in this world. In this hour of danger our President has had the courage to stand up. And this Democrat is proud to stand up with him.
Imagine receiving 100% of your paycheck!
If you’re looking for some reason to oppose the Fair Tax plan, you’re going to have to find a better excuse than its effect on the poor. John Kerry might find it politically expedient to demagogue the issue for votes, but now you know what he’s up to.
Kerry Picks Wrong Democratic Town
Before Kerry arrived there was a huge pro-life march led by Franciscan University students, 500 strong. "You can't be Catholic and pro-abortion", read some of their signs.
Media Bias Against Guns
People are very surprised to learn that survey data show that guns are used defensively by private citizens in the U.S. at least three times more frequently than guns are used to commit crimes.
Admiral speaks out, disputes Kerry's account of 1st wound
Admiral Schachte: "Kerry nicked himself with a M-79 [grenade launcher]... I heard a 'thunk.' There was no fire from the enemy." Kerry then asked for a Purple Heart.
In Iraq, it's war on Christians
In the latest and most dramatic evidence an all-out jihad has been declared against Iraq's minority Christian population, car bombs exploded outside at least five Christian churches, killing more than a dozen people and wounding scores more in an apparently coordinated attack timed to coincide with evening prayers.
A threat to the republic
Michael Moore seeks to undermine faith in American republicanism, capitalism and American foreign policy. His invective has garnered him millions of dollars and fans.
Free pass on Democratic legends
There's an obvious pattern here. Print the legend about the Democrat, and don't investigate. When the Democrat's critics try to object, denounce them in personal terms, and investigate them and their dastardly plots instead.
Economics 101
Economic ignorance allows us to fall easy prey to political charlatans and demagogues, so how about a little Economics 101?
Iraqi Christian compound attacked
The Assyrian Christian compound in Baghdad came under mortar attack Monday, just over a week after bombers killed up to 15 Christians, news reports and church officials said.
On criticizing a 12-year-old girl
In the feminist world in which liberals live, liberal girls and women of any age are immune from criticism, especially from men. We are allowed only to celebrate opinionated liberal females, whether Teresa Heinz Kerry or Ilana Wexler.
Put up or shut up, Sen. Kerry
Kerry's campaign has been one long string of deceits. But Kerry made a crucial error: He counted out cosmic justice.
Kerry's quagmire
What if the single pivotal event of one's life - the moment that altered one's entire course, illuminating the path ahead, providing that critical psychological turning point - turned out to have been an invention of one's very own?
Letter to John Kerry
Mr. Kerry you can’t have it both ways. You can’t build your convention and much of your campaign around your service in Vietnam, and then try to say that only those veterans who agree with you have a right to speak up. There is no double standard for our right to free speech. We all earned it.
Vetting free speech not such a swift idea
The notion that, politically or legally, only some people have the "right" to say something during an election runs completely counter to the core intent of the First Amendment.
Brothers band together against Kerry
Kerry is demanding to be made president on the basis of spending four months in Vietnam 35 years ago. And yet the men who know what he did during those four months don't think he's fit to be dogcatcher.
Iran: We can hit anywhere in Israel
A senior Iranian military official told reporters yesterday Israel and the U.S. would not dare attack Iran since it could strike back anywhere in Israel and against U.S. military installations in the Middle East with its latest missiles.
Bipartisan betrayal at the border
There are American foot soldiers under siege right now on our own borders. And neither party is doing much of anything to arm, fund or defend them.
Message from an Arab-American
Americans are tolerant and open-minded and non-judgmental. Americans are good, fair and understanding. They are anything but quick to generalize and stereotype – even when doing so would clearly be in their best interest.
Meet Dr. Kerry and his cure for Alzheimer's
Quiet, ladylike Laura Bush seems to have finally had it with John Kerry's playing doctor. Specifically, his repeating the words Stem Cell Research like a magic spell that'll cure Alzheimer's and maybe every other ill the flesh is heir to.
A million black voters disenfranchised?
Larry Elder: Tell me again. Which of the presidential candidates calls himself a "uniter" and not a "divider"?
Socialism is evil: Part II
When the democratic process reigns in matters of constitutionally enumerated federal government matters, we have the liberty that the Framers envisioned -- anywhere else it most likely means tyranny.
Kerry's Veteran Comrades Call Him a Liar
A blistering new TV commercial produced by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth quotes John Kerry's Vietnam comrades calling him a liar, questioning his honor, accusing him of misrepresenting his actions for medals and attacking his character.
The truth gap
Kerry suffers from a truth gap. Look for Republicans to spend a lot of time questioning whether, in a time of war, John Kerry can be trusted.
Talk about getting religion!
Rub your eyes. Did we just see a Democratic convention brimming with flag-waving patriotism, respect for the military, and references to God and values?
July 2004
A Hard Lesson on Home Schools
Today, the rise of secularism, and government control of much of the educational establishment, has blinded many Christians to the value of schooling aimed at excellence and informed by faith. The one surefire way to spur more competition among schools is parental choice–exercised, for instance, by choosing to educate children at home.
Doesn’t Anyone Care?
To those who ignore the public debate on homosexual marriage and to those who feel it is irrelevant in their lives and to those who advertise their tolerance by singing "live-and-let-live," I say the time has come to choose continuity over change.
John Kerry Clarifies His Views on Iraq (video)
Short documentary that shows John Kerry's flip-flops on Iraq and his continual revision regarding where he stands on this critical issue. This is a MUST see!
Video captures Kerry's evolution on Iraq stance
Using video clips of Kerry discussing Iraq on various talk shows, the RNC has put together an 11-minute video that traces how Kerry kept changing his possition on Iraq.
Building Better Husbands
Do men still want to get married? Or has a culture of casual sex and cohabitation made men lose all interest in marriage?
A Hard Lesson on Home Schools
Today, the rise of secularism, and government control of much of the educational establishment, has blinded many Christians to the value of schooling aimed at excellence and informed by faith. The one surefire way to spur more competition among schools is parental choice–exercised, for instance, by choosing to educate children at home.
Latino Parents Decry Bilingual Programs
Latino parents condemn a system that consigns their children to a linguistic ghetto, cut off from the United States of integration and upward mobility.
Can the Church Still Impact American Culture?
Nothing that Christians or pro-family groups have done has seemed to stop American society from rushing headlong down the tracks to moral oblivion. It appears that secularism and postmodern relativism have successfully teamed up to overthrow Judeo-Christianity as the dominant philosophical force in our culture.
Cold, Hard Facts
Are glaciers, ice caps, and sea ice melting worldwide because human industrial activity is causing global warming? Geologic history says otherwise.
Dems' New Slogan: No Teacher Left Behind
Despite colossal efforts by the Democrats to fake out Americans and pretend the Democrats are normal Americans who love their country, every once in a while they make a mistake and give us a "tell."
Socialism is evil
What is socialism? We miss the boat if we say it's the agenda of left-wingers and Democrats. Reaching into one's own pocket to assist his fellow man is noble and worthy of praise. Reaching into another person's pocket to assist one's fellow man is despicable and worthy of condemnation.
Socialists urge support of Kerry
The Democratic Socialists of America Political Action Committee is officially urging its members to work for the election of John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election.
Recovering the Moral Foundations of Economics
Economics will be rescued from the malaise of socialism, bureaucratism, and econometrics only when its roots as applied moral philosophy are restored.
Planned Parenthood New Low
Planned Parenthood is "proud" to offer yet another t-shirt in their new social fashion line: "I Had an Abortion" fitted T-shirts!
Free health care
Before we buy into this socialist agenda, we might check out just what happens when health-care services are 'free.' There are some stunning and frightening statistics coming out of Canada.
Abortion by Any Other Name...
"Selective reduction" reaches a new low in the distortion of the language. Heard in a vacuum, the term could speak to any number of innocuous human experiences. But spoken by a pro-abortion advocate, watch out. Seemingly harmless terms become lethal.
Linda Ronstadt: I don't like singing for Christians
Singer Linda Ronstadt appears to have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward Republicans and Christians who might be in her audiences – she'd rather not know they are there.
Never trust a liberal over 3
Whenever liberals are being hysterical about a Republican, it's because that Republican is not good for the Democrats.
Mike Reagan takes on Ron Reagan
Ron Reagan, son of the late Republican president, last night at the Democratic National Convention called on Americans to "cast a vote for embryonic stem-cell research" when they go to the polls in November.
Berger Fries and Wilson Stews
Sandy Berger lifted top secret documents, reportedly stuffed them in his pants and socks, misplaced some of the purloined items and claimed it was all an honest mistake.
A society with no standards
So much for any illusions that rappers would be seized by a noble sense of social responsibility, put aside the prodigious financial rewards they get from peddling depravity and start rapping about love and marriage.
Democratic Adviser Berger Broke the Law
Former national security adviser Sandy Berger repeatedly persuaded monitors assigned to watch him review top-secret documents to break the rules and leave him alone. He then smuggled top secret documents in his pants and socks.
Who will speak for the girly men?
It seems that Republicans are growing some guts. For years now, Democrats have been using invective unchallenged by the mainstream media; when Republicans make disparaging remarks, they find themselves under a magnifying glass.
Mrs. Heintz calls for civility, tells reporter 'shove it'
The aggressiveness of Mrs. Kerry's return to McNickle is what has some people already buzzing about her temperament. Another Hillary in the making?
More Lies About Lies
I trust that despite the ebbs and flows in President Bush's personal approval ratings, when the time comes for competent voters to separate the chads from their ballots, they will choose the team that places our national security interests above partisan politics.
There are two approaches to terrorists. One is to fight them with every weapon you can -- the military, intelligence services, interdiction of money flows, diplomacy. That is what George W. Bush is doing against the Islamist terrorists who struck Sept. 11. The other way is appeasement.
News that explains our world
It is not possible to overstate the destructive effect that the leftist education establishment and the leftist news media have had on Western civilization. Combine this with a similar poll in Europe that found Europeans believe that the United States and Israel are the most dangerous countries in the world and you begin to understand the moral havoc wrought by schools and news media.
Mindless Complacency
On Sept. 12, 2001, and for many months afterward, that proposition was so self-evident that it commanded near unanimous support. With time -- three years in which, contrary to every expectation and prediction, the second shoe never dropped -- that consensus has evaporated.
Robert Reich: God worse than terrorism
Robert Reich, the former U.S. labor secretary under President Bill Clinton, believes people who follow God pose a more significant threat to the modern world than terrorists do.
Robert Reich’s Religion Problem
Liberals tend to take umbrage when it is suggested that they are hostile to religion, or to religious people, or to some subset thereof. They have nothing against evangelical Christians, they respond, so long as they do not seek to use the state to impose their faith on others.
Scouting jetliners for new attacks
Flight crews and air marshals say Middle Eastern men are staking out airports, probing security measures and conducting test runs aboard airplanes for a terrorist attack.
Malign Condescension - or Benign Neglect?
Not through lack of trying, we've reached the point of benign neglect. Not because government doesn't want to help but because those most in need of it can't even be bothered to accept that help.
The FOX-hater's upside-down world
Is there anything funnier to watch than the Left suddenly discovering the virtues of journalistic objectivity? Liberals arrogantly have ruled the news media roost for decades, regularly demeaning conservative ideas and leaders in their ongoing quest for progress and enlightenment.
The dangerous game of catch-and-release
Let me state the obvious for the 9,999th time: America is still not serious about enforcing its immigration laws.
Education plus money does not equal achievement
Observation and common sense have told me for years that there is no relationship between the amount of money spent on education and student achievement. Now a new study to be released July 7 by the Cato Institute provides irrefutable facts that lead to the same conclusion.
Just your average Democrat donors
The self-proclaimed Party of the Little People is rolling in cash, and Democrats are positively gloating. Most of their donors are multi-millionaire fat cats.
No Child Left Unbrainwashed
As countless numbers of immigrants continue to pour into the United States, the Left has been trying to destroy any patriotic thoughts these new Americans might develop toward their adopted country.
Bible Teacher Tells Believers to Prepare for Persecution
A Texas-based evangelist says Christians must be educated and equipped to stand against the prevailing philosophical language of the secular world. To do that, he says, believers in America need to have the same attitude as first-century Christians.
Banner year ahead for economy
It will be the best since the economy roared ahead at a 7.2 percent rate in 1984, a year when another Republican president -- Ronald Reagan -- was running for re-election.
June 2004
Tribute to Ronald Reagan
Orthodox Christians face modern mores
Speaking at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, these scholars wrestled with how to reconcile traditional church teachings with a culture that they say is often well-meaning, but losing touch with basic Christian beliefs. [June 2004]
Liberals hate fellow Americans more than Islamists
Michael Moore is not alone in spewing vitriol into the national debate. Many on the left seem incapable of carrying on a political discussion without descending into character assassination.
Scans uncover secrets of the womb
A new type of ultrasound scan has produced the vivid pictures of a 12 week-old fetus "walking" in the womb. The new images also show fetuses apparently yawning and rubbing their eyes.
Protecting the wrong kind of speech
The Supreme Court of the United States says the First Amendment protects the right of hard-core pornographers to lure children into "adult" Web sites, yet that same court says the First Amendment restricts the right of groups critical of this decision from airing ads at election time that oppose presidential candidates.
'Conservative' Supreme Court? Are you joking?
In the last few years, the Supreme Court has written sodomy into the Constitution of the United States; affirmed that affirmative action was constitutional, citing a broader need for "diversity"; refused to rule on whether "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance was constitutional; and ruled that campaign-finance reform laws restricting free speech do not actually restrict free speech.
2 lazy 2 teach
Have you checked your child's summer reading list? Beware: Some lame-brained school officials have decided to ditch the sonnets of Shakespeare for the tripe of Tupac.
Unfairenheit 9/11 - The Lies of Michael Moore
To describe this film as dishonest and demagogic would almost be to promote those terms to the level of respectability.
Self-inflicted poverty
There's no complete explanation for why some countries are affluent while others are poor, but there are some leads. Rank countries along a continuum according to whether they are closer to being free-market economies or whether they're closer to socialist or planned economies.
The media joins the Big Lie game
The media and the Democrats have been using one Big Lie after another to attack Bush. Another example: the Times' White House reporter wrote that Bush claimed the threat from Iraq was imminent. Bush said the exact opposite.
Jennings and Guantanamo
My friends, we are the good guys in this fight. The bad guys chop off the heads of the prisoners they take, and send the videotapes to the deceased's relatives. If Peter Jennings can come up with any examples of where we've done that, then maybe I'll join him worrying about how we're abusing detainees' rights.
Time for American Jews to open their eyes
It's been long enough. For the last two decades, American Jews have shirked common sense and logic in the interest of an ideology that deserted them long ago. American Jewish leftism cannot be overlooked or excused. And in a world teetering on the brink of disaster, blind loyalty to a false cause can no longer be afforded.
Ronald Reagan, God and Jesus Christ
"Without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure. If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."
One noisy nation, under God
There are many ways to philosophically divide Americans. Liberal-conservative and religious-secular are two obvious ways. But there is another, no less significant, division: Those who are ashamed of America for being hated and those who wear this hatred as a badge of honor.
A Biblical Defense for Giving Offense
As I see it, much of the clergy, the church, Christian music and Christian literature have become pathetically soft and have lost their holy punch.
Take your choice: Parents or prisons?
The link between family breakdown and crime is well-established to the point of being almost indisputable. It’s estimated that between two-thirds and three-quarters of all inmates grew up in something other than an intact two-parent home.
So, we're hated
Pundits mocked George W. Bush when, during the 2000 campaign, he told an interviewer that Jesus Christ was the most influential philosopher in his life, though this was not so remarkable to anyone actually conversant with our nation's history.
Tilting at Wind Farms
Even though the way we explore and produce energy has changed dramatically in the past two decades, environmental groups, and their allies in Congress remain blinded by the smog of past battles.
Now Who's Lying?
One of the most reprehensible things about the past year's campaign against President Bush is that his accusers have repeatedly lied in calling him a liar -- and they've marshaled nonexistent evidence to support their fraudulent claims.
The Big Lie Campaign
In the midst of a good war and a noble enterprise, a major American party is engaged in an effort to stab its own country in the back for short term political gain, and is willing to do to so by the most underhanded and unscrupulous means.
We are not making happy Americans like Ronald Reagan
Americans are being raised in secular schools and in secular society where God and religion are increasingly marginalized.
ACLU's fight against the poor
Under threat of an ACLU-initiated lawsuit, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to remove a small cross from the seal of the State of California because of its alleged unconstitutional endorsement of Christianity.
Lying about Yosemite
The essence of bigotry is denying other people the same free choices you have. Many of those who call themselves environmentalists could more accurately be called green bigots.
Boy Scouts still under heavy fire
One of the most outrageous injustices occurring in our society is the homosexual activists' relentless assault on the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), all because the BSA will not conform its standards to accommodate their lifestyle.
Taliban come to Los Angeles
Given the relationship between changing the past and totalitarianism, there is reason to be amply frightened by the current decision of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to change the seal of Los Angeles County. Solely because of a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union threatening a lawsuit against Los Angeles County, the Board voted three to two to remove a tiny cross from the seal.
Zero-tolerance --- zero-thought
For 75 days or so our kids have escaped the clutches of that bureaucratic government-employee union operated system of quasi-instructional gulags we sometimes erroneously refer to as “public schools.”
Who's Misleading Whom?
The entire impetus for the Democrats' drive to reclaim the White House has been a palpable Bush-hatred rather than anything positive about their own candidates. Yet the press decides to focus on Bush's long-overdue counterattack? It's nothing short of surreal.
No excuse for anti-Americanism
Leftist newspapers and academics deconstruct America for not being a utopia. They vent the frustrations and problems of modern times at America.
An Interview with Mike Adams and David Horowitz
Our system of higher education has been consumed with socialist, Utopian policies for so long that, in my opinion, it is beginning to break down into complete chaos. Like the Tower of Babel story of Genesis, no one seems to be speaking the same language on college campuses today.
President Ronald Reagan
Presidents usually enter the White House as shiny and freshly minted dimes and leave tarnished. Reagan left on the crest of a wave of affection that intensified in response to the gallantry with which he met illness in his final years. Today Americans gratefully recall that at a turbulent moment in their national epic, Reagan became the great reassurer, the steadying captain of our clipper ship. He calmed the passengers -- and the sea.

Forever grateful
Oliver North: "Ronald Reagan was easily the greatest president of my lifetime -- and he will be regarded as one of the greatest leaders this country has ever had. He knew who he was, who we are as a people, and had an enthusiasm -- a great confidence for the innate goodness of this nation."

Rewriting Reagan
Shortly following Ronald Reagan’s passing, Peggy Noonan predicted that liberals would crack by week’s end, unable to handle the outpouring of love and affection for our fortieth president. She was right - liberals became totally unhinged.
The Question of Good and Evil
Reagan dared to challenge the Soviets on the basis of morality—good versus evil. Freedom and democracy were good, tyranny and communism evil.
Reagan changed the world
President Ronald Reagan's stature will grow as his achievements come to be more widely recognized.
The Age of Reagan
On the two epic events of the last 50 years — the waging of the Cold War and the growth of the welfare state — Ronald Reagan was indisputably correct. Communism was evil and had to be defeated, not merely contained.
May 2004
Wetter World Counters Greenhouse Gases
Australian scientists have found the Earth may be more resilient to global warming than first thought, and they say a warmer world means a wetter planet, encouraging more plants to grow and soak up greenhouse gases.
A Sacred Duty: Why Christians Must Vote
This fall Americans will go to the polls and elect a president—one who will influence the direction in which the country’s moral compass will point. But according to a recent report, only a third of evangelical Christians—those who ought to be most concerned with moral values—will actually vote.
The greatest sin
When a person commits evil in God's name, however, he destroys the greatest hope for goodness to prevail on earth -- widespread belief in a God who demands goodness (ethical monotheism). There is nothing as evil as religious evil.
Damned if You Do, Dead if You Don't
How can we have a right to our own lives if we're prohibited from any defense? How can we be free if we're imprisoned, either through the unconstitutional and immoral firearms laws that forbid self defense, or because we're barricading ourselves in our homes out of fear.
President Bush pauses to comfort teen
In a moment largely unnoticed by the throngs of people in Lebanon waiting for autographs from the president of the United States, George W. Bush stopped to hold a teenager's head close to his heart.
God's Place in Charter Is Dividing Europeans
The issue of whether the most ambitious document in European Union history should include a reference to the Continent's Christian heritage is different, an emotional, theological wrangle over the meaning of culture, history and faith.
Pew Survey Finds Moderates, Liberals Dominate News Outlets
Those convinced that liberals make up a disproportionate share of newsroom workers have long relied on Pew Research Center surveys to confirm this view, and they will not be disappointed by the results of Pew's latest study released today.
Look What Is on the Turin Shroud!
Italian scientists have found a ghostly image on the back of the Turin shroud, long believed--but never proven--to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. The newly found image is that of a man's face and possibly his hands and matches the image on the front of the linen cloth, reports Reuters.
Détente With Terror
The foreign policy of the Democratic Party is one of deliberate weakness: distrust America, trust the "world," and keep one of Uncle Sam's arms tied behind his back. Al Gore blurted this policy out in his wild speech this week when he quoted approvingly a liberal Israeli judge's mindless piety that although "a democracy must often fight with one hand tied behind its back, it nonetheless has the upper hand."
Follow the Leader?
Given what’s at stake, I believe that Christians need to make stopping the spread of same-sex “marriage” their number-one cultural priority. And we have got to let Capitol Hill know that we support the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA).
The Slippery Slope of Secularism
For a while now America has been trending secular. Prior to that time, being wise and educated meant knowing God.
Unlearned lessons from 'The Passion'
If you are a Christian, or at least mindful of why "The Passion" is a hit, you will immediately understand why "Saved!" will flop with MGM's target audience.
Secularist double standards
The secularists tell us with no small degree of passion that the reason we must keep church and state separate is that if the state, with its enormous power, endorses a particular religion, it will, in effect, be chilling the religious freedom of those of other religions.
Was God wrong?
For the first time in America's great history, same-sex marriage is legal within our borders. It's time we ask ourselves: "Was God wrong?" For far too many, this basic question has been missing from the debate over the redefinition of marriage.
Stop the Moral Equivalence
U.S. success in Iraq is essential in order to provide an alternative model. Unlike Vietnam, there will be repercussions for global security if America does not finish the job.
The dumbing down of America
Neal Boortz: "Let’s cut to the chase. I’ve come to the reluctant but inescapable conclusion that about 50% of the adults in this country are simply too ignorant and functionally incompetent to be living in a free society. They have enthusiastically abandoned their sovereignty to the lure of the welfare state. They are, in fact, afraid to be free. "
An ovation for Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby's career has done more than just entertain. It has helped build a multiracial culture demanding excellence as well as racial harmony.
Liberal media? I’m shocked!
A new survey by the Pew Research Center says journalists have political and ideological leanings more liberal than those of the general public. Or, as a sensible headline might have put it: "Researchers ferret out the obvious yet again."
Liberal radio is airing bad jokes and worst taste
The hosts of Air America Radio, which calls itself the new liberal voice, has nothing but bad jokes, bad taste, and vitriol to sow on the air. Emotions and hatred rule their shows.
'Day After Tomorrow': A lot of hot air
This film is propaganda designed to shift the policy of this nation on climate change. At least that's what I take from producer Mark Gordon's comment that "part of the reason we made this movie" was to "raise consciousness about the environment."
Shame on the news media, too
During the very same 10 days that every newspaper and television news program in the world featured photo after photo, day after day, of Iraqi prisoners being humiliated, a government not far from Iraq engaged in ethnic cleansing of approximately 1 million people.
The pugnacious antiwar left
The Left is intrinsically appeasement-oriented. You have to club them over the head with evidence before they'll acknowledge the evil and threat of terrorism.
A Combat Soldier Writes From Iraq
"This has to be done, and we are doing it. Don't be seduced by those who would rather that we sit back and just enjoy the freedoms past generations of Americans have sacrificed to gain for us. This is our time to earn it."
The news media and Nick Berg
Now, the Berg slaughter provides further evidence of how a leftist worldview determines the way news is presented, namely the media's depiction of it as "revenge for America's Iraqi prison abuses."
Christian Lawyer Defends "National Day of Prayer"
A Christian attorney is encouraging government officials nationwide not to interfere with National Day of Prayer observances set for later this week. The ACLU is fighting against this day or prayer.
April 2004
Those unstable, superstitious Christians
Why does it make so many on the Left uncomfortable that President Bush openly professes his reliance on God in performing his official duties?
Same-sex marriage: Good for gays, bad for children
Of all the arguments against same-sex marriage, the most immediately compelling is that it is hurts children. If children have a right to anything, it is to begin life with a mother and father.
The enemy of women
The abortion rally was called the March for Women's Lives -- a creepy Orwellian inversion if there ever was one.
India Elections - Lessons for President Bush
The economy's humming along. Companies are hiring again. In India, it wasn't enough to make that incumbent party win. In a stunning rebuke to the notion "it's the economy, stupid" came reminders it's also "the perception, stupid."
Just Wait Till the Muslims See It
Wouldn't it be uplifting and even noble were the Jewish groups who earlier had insulted The Passion, its maker, the Gospels that inspired it, and indeed all Christians, now to issue an apology?
Abortion march is ugly spectacle
Abortion ends a human life and that life looks an awful lot like a baby much sooner than we ever thought when Roe vs. Wade became the law of the land 31 years ago.
Madam, You are Having a Fish
Politicians who are being moved, like mindless puppets, by feminists and so-called 'modern' thinkers are legalizing death. These people trivialize the lives of unborn babies for their selfish gains. [April 2004]
Students Support Pro-Life Cause in Schools
Thousands of America's public school students will be voicing their support on Tuesday for the sanctity of human life. In recent years, students wearing pro-life clothing have encountered resistance from school officials who have stated that wearing a pro-life shirt is equivalent to wearing a swastika or using obscene language.
Appeasement Never Works
The decision by the new Socialist government to pull out Spanish troops from Iraq is lawful. But it is also gravely irresponsible.
Random thoughts on the passing scene
Just as members of American teachers' unions often send their own children to private schools, so unionized workers at government-run hospitals in Britain have insurance that allows them to go to private hospitals. In both cases, those on the inside realize how bad these institutions are, regardless of what they say to those on the outside.
Food for fraud
Of the many appalling aspects of Saddam Hussein's tyranny, one of the most unforgivable was the pain and death he inflicted on Iraq's children.
The Fruits of Appeasement
Sooner or later, we had to face down Islamic terror. What took us so long?
People are beautiful, the world stinks
If you love goodness and hate evil, this is a tough time to stay sane. Good is called bad, and bad is called "militant," "victimized," "misunderstood" and "the product of hopelessness," but rarely bad. Only those who fight the bad are called bad.
Why no Christian suicide bombers?
Dennis Prager: About 25% of Palestinians are Christian, yet if there are any Palestinian Christian suicide bombers, I am unaware of them. Now why is that?
Recognizing reality - even in the Middle East
In a remarkable shift for formal American policy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict and morass, an American president has actually recognized reality. Out loud.
Prime-Time Show Supports Stay-At-Home Moms
It's pretty rare for a prime-time drama series to promote traditional family values, even in a minor way, but the April 11 episode of Doc on PAX scores two home runs for the family.
Pat Tillman, one of the 36
Thank God that much of America is talking about and revering the name Pat Tillman. That means we still have hope.
Retroactive hard-liners
The image of the pre-9/11 Democrats created during the past several weeks is a fantasy, the opportunistic canard of a party only willing to be hardheaded in retrospect and when it serves the cause of damaging Bush.
An Archbishop Tells the Truth About Islam
Taking no prisoners, he drew attention to the "glaring absence" of democracy in most Muslim countries and suggested that they had "contributed little of major significance to world culture for centuries."
The liberals who cried 'didn't do enough!'
This self-serving display of liberal hypocrisy has provided more idiotic entertainment than "The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour."
Why Jewish Groups Passionately Hate Mel Gibson
Once Mel Gibson revealed himself to be, like the President, a person of serious religious faith the gloves came off.
Liberals and Terrorism
The current media uproar of the priority accorded counter-terrorism, either before or after September 11, 2001, reveals a fundamental difference between the liberal and realist view of the post-Cold War world.
Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief,' Say Former Colleagues
Hundreds of former commanders and military colleagues of presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry are set to declare in a signed letter that he is "unfit to be commander-in-chief."
Arab hijackers now eligible for pre-boarding
Airlines that have been the most vigilant against terrorism are forced by the government into re-education seminars to learn to suppress common sense. Airlines are being forced, at their own expense, to make commercial air travel more dangerous.
Al-Qaeda's War on Iraq
The question today, as it has been since May 2003, is: "Yes, there is a war against Iraq, but who is waging it?" Tuesday's deadly bombings in Basra provide us with the answer.
Bob Kerrey clarifies the liberal view of blacks and women
Dennis Prager: Most Democratic politicians and most liberal activists, at the very least, do not regard black people as they do all others and, at worst, believe that blacks are inferior.
Textbook terror in a visual age
America-bashing coincides with the proliferation of dumbed-down world history textbooks used in grades six through 12 in our public schools.
The elusive apology trap
A modest proposal: No more non-apology apologies and no more demands for others to apologize. We are all guilty. But the only way to judge whether someone has learned the lessons of his mistakes is how he conducts himself thereafter.
Who wants to step up and apologize
A modest proposal: No more non-apology apologies and no more demands for others to apologize. We are all guilty. But the only way to judge whether someone has learned the lessons of his mistakes is how he conducts himself thereafter.
Newsweek Misses Tax Freedom Day
In 2004, Tax Freedom Day is April 11, Easter Sunday. If you’re the average American, every dollar you’ve earned so far this year goes to pay your taxes. Starting Monday, April 12, you can keep what you earn.
The Coronation of the New Queen
To university students, faculty, donors, and taxpayers, the message is the always the same. No matter how bad things get for the peasants, things will continue to get better for the administrative elites.
Thank you for choosing United, Mr. bin Laden
Democrats actively created policies that were designed to hamstring terrorism investigations. The only rap against the Bush administration is that it failed to unravel the entire 9-11 terrorism plot based on a memo titled: "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States."
College update
In far too many instances, what passes as college life and education today is no less than shameful.
Janet Reno and Jamie Gorelick Hindered Terrorist Hunt
In July 1995, Reno and her deputy, Jamie Gorelick ,wrote and put into effect a list of procedures governing the FBI's ability to share information with other agencies in their investigations of potential terrorism suspects. These procedures were called "The Wall" within the bureau.
Welfare reform works
The next chapter in the ongoing transformation of America's poor remains to be written -- as soon as Democrats get out of the way.
Cornell's Anti-Religious Jihad
The Cornell Center for Religion, Ethics, and Social Policy (CRESP) declared war on God this week, sponsoring a symposium to warn students about the scary influence of the Religious Right in American politics.
Christian majority awaits Supreme Court decision
The atheists just had their day before the U.S. Supreme Court, but they are not in good spirits about it. Their attempt to strike "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance now looks like a legal boomerang.
How 9-11 Happened
Ann Coulter (4/1): We don't need a "commission" to find out how 9-11 happened. The truth is in the timeline.
Ted Kennedy offensive
No matter how much Massachusetts mud Kennedy hurls at the White House, George W. Bush gets up every morning and goes to work. And so do our troops. Which must be the reason for the recent escalation of senatorial hot air.
President Bush Signs Unborn Rights Bill
President Bush signed into law a bill that would make it a separate crime to kill or harm an unborn child during an assault on the mother. Most Democrats, including John Kerry, voted against it.
'Kill Rumsfeld' ad withdrawn
A Florida Democratic club has taken out a newspaper advertisement urging the assassination of Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, and another partisan group is running a national television commercial with an actor impersonating President Bush's voice saying, "I used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq."
March 2004
The Unbearable Reality of Love
In this film we see with unbearable clarity how Jesus descended into the personal Hell each of us carries around - and purged it clean.
Harvard to create stem-cell institute
Harvard, founded as a Christian college "to provide for the instruction of the people in piety, morality, and learning", has now joined the ranks of destroyers and abusers of life. [March 2004]
Who's brainwashed in America?
Dennis Prager: If a person is to be considered brainwashed for having only received a religious education, a person who has received only a secular or liberal (as in politically liberal) education should be regarded identically.
Depths of a Depraved Culture
The reaction of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians reveals the depths of a depraved culture created by “spiritual leaders” like Sheikh Yassin.
With Liberty and Comfort for All
After eleven years of teaching at a public university, I finally got a call from one of my superiors informing me that I had made one of my co-workers feel “uncomfortable” in the workplace. For those who may not know, the right to feel “comfortable” at all times trumps the First Amendment at most public universities.
SCOBA Pastoral Letter on Kosovo
As Hierarchs of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops inthe Americas, we deplore the terrible and senseless outbreak of violenceand intolerance witnessed this past week in Kosovo.
Kosovo violence spreads, churches burn
Violence continued in Kosovo for a second day as mobs of angry Albanians have burned Serbian Orthodox churches and homes.
Terrorist Euphemisms
A terrorist by any other name is still a terrorist, but don't expect that objective reality to be recognized or even mentioned by many politically correct media organizations. These media outlets are supposed to be "reporting" the news, not censoring it, editorializing it, or re-inventing it.
Hollywood Heads in the Sand
Mel Gibson made an important film. And its importance is not just what it shows on screen, but what it brings out in people off screen. Hollywood may not have learned much from the success of The Passion. But we’ve learned a lot about Hollywood.
Kerry Makes Up Stories - Also Known as Lying
Sen. John Kerry refuses to provide any information to support his assertion earlier this week that he has met with foreign leaders who beseeched him to prevail over President Bush in November's election.
San Francisco and Islamists: Fighting the same enemy
America is engaged in two wars for the survival of its civilization. The war over same-sex marriage and the war against Islamic totalitarianism are actually two fronts in the same war -- a war for the preservation of the unique American creation known as Judeo-Christian civilization.
Missile defense milestone
Twenty-one years ago today, Ronald Reagan announced the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) to protect this country from the very real threat of nuclear destruction.
The 1st rule of holes
America has fallen into a hole that we've helped Congress dig. It's time to throw down our own shovels, and start ranting and raving until Congress also stops digging and starts figuring out a way to get us out of this mess.
Saddam Diverted Oil-for-Food Money
U.S. congressional investigators have charged that Saddam's regime amassed $10 billion through oil smuggling, illegal surcharges and kickbacks from the U.N. oil-for-food program.
The reign in Spain falls mainly on the lame
After a terrorist attack by al-Qaida that left hundreds of their fellow countrymen dead, Spanish voters immediately voted to give the terrorists what they want – a socialist government that opposes America's war on terrorism. Al-Qaida has changed a government.
Spain Bombing Clues Point To Islamist Terrorists
The attacks, in which 10 bombs exploded in trains and stations along a commuter line in Spain's capital city, bore several hallmarks of Osama bin Laden's network or its allies, including the synchronized nature of the explosions and the clear targeting of civilians.
Al Qaeda’s Electoral Victory
Voters in Spain pulled the lever for al Qaeda on Sunday, and it may only be a matter of months before Osama bin Laden tries to replicate the results in the U.S.
An Ill Wind from Spain
Muslims, who once fought a bloody war to occupy much of Spain—which they did for centuries, have now done it with a few bombs, an ominous portent indeed.
February 2004
"The Passion of the Christ" - A News Anchor's Perspective
The film grabs you in the first five seconds, and never lets go. The brutality, humiliation, and gore are almost inconceivable - and still probably does not go far enough... But this is no common man. This is the King of the Universe. The idea that anyone could or would have gone through such punishment is unthinkable - but this Man was completely innocent, completely holy - and paying the price for others. He screams as He is laid upon the cross, "Father, they don't know. They don't know..."
Review of "The Passion of the Christ"
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon is an Orthodox priest in the Antiochian Archdiocese of America and edits Touchstone magazine: "everyone should see this film. That includes teenage kids, who will need a note from their parents to see a film that is rated 'R'"
The Passion of the Christless: Interpreting the words of fear
These folks and their ilk are not troubled by Gibson or by his film; they are frightened by the possibility that someone may discover Christianity, or someone else may have his or her faith strengthened.
The Underground University
A high-ranking UNCW administrator had stated that recent increases in the number of student Christian organizations were causing "concern" for some members of the university administration.
  Passionate About the Passion
This is not a "Christian" film, in the sense that it will appeal only to those who identify themselves as followers of Jesus Christ. It is a deeply human, beautiful story that will deeply touch all men and women.
  When Relativism Becomes Theology
How could somebody so self-serving and corrupt ascend to such a position of prominence in the largest church on earth? Surely the human condition is an important part of the answer. American evangelicals have their Jim Bakkers and Jimmy Swaggarts to remind them that pastoral office is no guarantee of sainthood, and that Catholics are not alone in their shame over the recent misconduct of some of their spiritual leaders.
  A New Decalogue for Russian Business
In early February 2004, a civil society forum sponsored by the Russian Orthodox Church and bringing together representatives of religious, cultural, political and business groups released a code of ten moral principles to guide Russian business. The code explicitly endorses the concept of private property, condemning those who “misappropriate other peoples’ property.”
  Why Mel Owes One To The Jews - The Passion
Rabbi Lapin: I consider it crucially important for Christians to know that not all Jews are in agreement with their self-appointed spokesmen. Most American Jews, experiencing warm and gracious interactions each day with their Christian fellow-citizens, would feel awkward trying to explain why so many Jewish organizations seem focused on an agenda hostile to Judeo-Christian values.
  For the Marriage Amendment
A dozen legal battles stand between the Massachusetts court's dictate for one state and the legal redefinition of marriage in the rest of the nation. Judicially ordered homosexual marriage has arrived for the entire nation, however much Americans might have hoped to avoid the question, and immediate intervention at the highest level of national law is necessary if we want to stop it.
  The Definition of Marriage and the Massachusetts Justices
Dennis Prager article - The following is an imagined interview with the Massachusetts Supreme Court justices who ruled that Massachusetts must redefine marriage to include persons of the same sex.
  As Long As We All Get Along
Putting personal interest ahead of truth, sacrificing truth on the altar of what we call unity? No. And it’s not real unity; it’s expediency. All other considerations, whether we’re seeker-sensitive or liturgical, whether we’re taking care of our retirement plans or building new additions, everything is secondary to the preservation and defense of truth.
  My minute with President Bush
Those who believe that a Bush re-election is indispensable to a better world can only pray that the Democrats continue to regard George W. Bush as intellectually challenged. He never was, and he has grown in these past four years so greatly that his Democratic opponent will not know what hits him in the fall debates.
  Hating Fox News
Anyone with his feet grounded in reality realizes that in fact Fox is fairer and closer to the American center than any of the liberal outlets. Pick an issue -- global warming, taxes, homosexuality -- and Fox demonstrates the temerity to allow both sides to debate, whereas other networks still pretend that only one reasonable, quotable side exists.
  Grave matters
The Republicans are digging themselves in deep, and burying the country with them. How? By abandoning their stated beliefs in small government and fiscal responsibility. Or, to get back to my metaphor, they are up to their neck in debt, and yet they keep digging. The Republican commitment to limited government has vanished air. All that remains is some rhetoric.
  Kay vindicates Bush
In light of weapons inspector David Kay's recent statements, it is mystifying to me that President Bush and Republicans aren't claiming vindication and challenging Democrats for exploiting the issue.
  Heroic John Kerry?
If a decorated firefighter becomes an arsonist, is he still considered a hero? If a dedicated FBI agent leaves his agency, then attacks it – and becomes a professional witness for the defense - is he still a "hero?" But, if a Vietnam-era soldier comes home, blasts his country, gives aid and comfort to our enemies, and tosses his war medals over the White House fence then he’s apparently still a hero in the minds of many, including the mainstream media.
January 2004
  Patriarch's Visit to Cuba: A Missed Opportunity for Human Rights
When Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew visited Cuba in late January, he followed a script written in the 1970s. We might call this the Fidel Castro scenario: Invite a prominent Church leader to take part in a public show of religious tolerance in order to mask the fundamentally anti-religious policies of the Cuban dictator’s regime. When the Patriarch consecrated an Orthodox Church that closed when Communism was imposed on Cuba, he barely whispered a word about Castro’s human right abuses.
  The Times has no Passion for Christian forgiveness
The New York Times seems set on a Mad Max shoot-out with Mel Gibson over his movie, The Passion, which deals with the last hours in the life of Jesus Christ. I don't see the newspaper scoring any points from one of its most discreditable performances.
  OCA Chancellor visits Cuba at Invitation of Ecumenical Patriarch
Protopresbyter Robert Kondratick of the OCA also visited Cuba at the invitation of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and participated in the pro-Castro festivities. Father Kondratick was one of two priests to concelebrate, assisting in the erection of the church's altar. Fidel Castro, the murderous and unrepentant Communist Dictator, to whom Patriarch Bartholomew expressed thanks for the church was also present for the ceremonies.
  National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2004
President Bush: As Americans, we are led by the power of our conscience and the history of our country to defend and promote the dignity and rights of all people. Each person, however frail or defenseless, has a place and a purpose in this world. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we celebrate the gift of life and our commitment to building a society of compassion and humanity.
  Survey: Only Half of Pastors Have 'Biblical' Worldview
"Although most people own a Bible and know some of its content, our research found that most Americans have little idea how to integrate core biblical principles to form a unified and meaningful response to the challenges and opportunities of life," he says. "We're often more concerned with survival amidst chaos than with experiencing truth and significance."
  Palestinians, Israelis react differently to attacks
Rather than clear the rubble and rebuild the area though, the PA apparently chooses to keep the buildings in disarray as a monument to the Israeli military actions. This is part of a deliberate and generally successful Palestinian victimization strategy that contrasts sharply with the way Israelis handle Palestinian terror attacks.
  A just war, with or without WMD
For those of us who never believed that the case for toppling Saddam depended primarily on his possession of unconventional weapons, the fact that in 2003 he no longer possessed them changes very little. The war was right and proper because Saddam was a homicidal dictator who ruled with staggering brutality, because he provided support to international terrorists, and because Baathist Iraq was a threat to its neighbors.
  Patriarch's Visit to Cuba: A Missed Opportunity for Human Rights
When Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew visited Cuba in late January, he followed a script written in the 1970s. We might call this the Fidel Castro scenario: Invite a prominent Church leader to take part in a public show of religious tolerance in order to mask the fundamentally anti-religious policies of the Cuban dictator’s regime. When the Patriarch consecrated an Orthodox Church that closed when Communism was imposed on Cuba, he barely whispered a word about Castro’s human right abuses.
  Castro and Orthodox Patriarch Together on Church Mosaic!
The incredible events in Cuba are getting more outrageous by the minute. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew toured the new Byzantine cathedral that he will consecrate on Sunday and stopped outside to look at an Eastern-style mosaic of himself and President Fidel Castro plastered on the side of the church.
  Fidel Castro Honored by Orthodox Patriarch
Meanwhile outside the Twilight Zone... thousands of innocent Cubans continue to rot away in Fidel's communist prisons, the country languishes in squalor and degradation, and millions of Cubans continue to be enslaved and terrorized by Senor Fidel. But now, thanks to an Orthodox hierarch, Fidel Castro can be rest assured that none of that seems to matter much anymore in many of the Orthodox Church administrative circles.
  School Owes White 'African-American' Student an Apology
A white high school student and native of South Africa has been excluded from consideration for a Nebraska school's "Distinguished African-American Student Award" because he is not black. Moreover, he has been suspended for actions the school alleges were "offensive" to black students.
  Orthodox Leader to Honor Fidel Castro
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew will arrive in Cuba to bestow the church's Order of St. Andrew on Castro in recognition of Cuba's construction of a new cathedral, regional church leaders said. Why any hierarch or clergyman (or any Christian for that matter) would ever bestow anything but condemnation and reproach on this pathetic and unrepentant dictator is beyond comprehension.
  Orthodox Patriarch Honors Murderous Dictator Castro
The spiritual leader of the world's 300 million Orthodox Christians will honor Fidel Castro with the church's Order of St. Andrew the Apostle during his visit next week. Patriarch Bartholomew will present the honor to thank Castro for his government's construction of a new church. The fact that Senor Fidel (aka murderous, cruel, malicious, and worse of all...unrepentant dictator) also happens to be a staunch atheist who could care less about Orthodox Christianity or the Christian Church in any form seems to have been lost on Patriarch Bartholomew.
  Viva Biscet!
Dr. Biscet's story is a bit inconvenient for the sophisticates who embrace the romantic vision of Castro's valiant struggle on behalf of third-world victims of capitalist exploitation. The journalists, entertainers, left-leaning politicians, and civil-rights activists who are treated by Castro to guided tours of the Cuban "paradise" never hear of Biscet, or of the thousands like him who are brutalized in Castro's prisons for having the audacity to desire freedom.
  Palestinian 'Death Culture' Overshadows Peace Efforts
(AgapePress) - Thursday's (1/29) homicide bombing in Israel has served as yet another reminder that Palestinian terrorists will never give up on their campaign against the Jewish state, regardless of any peace-making efforts.
  Lady killers
Reem al-Riyashi was a normal-looking 22-year-old Palestinian woman. On Jan. 14, she strapped several pounds of explosives and nails to her body and became a terrorist. Her funeral was a gala affair attended by thousands. She was hailed as a heroine and honored for a particular distinction: Reem al-Riyashi was the first Palestinian mother to commit murder-suicide for Allah. She left behind a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.
  Stretching the poor
A lot of noise is made about how we are "running out" of this or that natural resource -- almost always falsely -- but the real problem of the left is that they are running out of the poor, who serve as a justification of the left's drive to extend their power over all the rest of us.
  The Jesus thing
Democrats never talk about believing in something; they talk about simulating belief in something. Americans believe in this crazy God stuff that we don't, so how do we hoodwink them into believing we believe in God? It's part of the casual contempt Democrats have for the views of normal people.
  Good News Is No News
When you read the papers and see scientists and stars testifying in Congress about cloning and embryonic stem cell research, beware. Don’t just listen to the rhetoric—look at the evidence. In this case, as in so many others, the best scientific answer is also the right one morally. And if the press won’t say it, we must.
  Toddler starves to death
This is the result of what the liberal left calls "social solutions" that supposedly are "helping." This is what happens when we as a society relegate caring to a faceless bureaucracy that allows the state to become the "father" and enables teenage mothers to abuse and even kill children. May God have mercy on the little one that died such a horrible death. Lord Jesus embrace this innocent child and care for him in Your everlasting Kingdom!
  Starving North Koreans executed for stealing food
Starving North Koreans have been publicly executed for stealing food and have died of malnutrition in labor camps, Amnesty International said in a report released yesterday.
  Why Democrats use the F-word
Differences between Democratic and Republican positions on almost all subjects of major importance are growing so great that it is fair to say that we are experiencing a second American civil war. These areas include the American role in the world, the role of God and religion in American society, abortion, capital punishment, the war in Iraq, and much more.
  Marriage, the best welfare reform
The United States doesn't have a "welfare problem," so much as a marriage problem. We spend $200 billion a year on various means-tested welfare programs. Seventy-five percent of it goes to single parents. The welfare system as we know it for children would hardly exist if it weren't for widespread single parenthood.
  Pro-Family Groups Roundly Applaud Pickering Appointment
It is a move conservatives had hoped for more than two years ago. On Friday President Bush exercised his presidential power in appointing Judge Charles Pickering to a seat on the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans while Congress is in recess.
  Howard Dean meltdown
Supporters of former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, aka "Deanie-boppers," accuse the media of piling on by repeatedly playing his now infamous Iowa caucus "concession speech," punctuated by his banshee-like "Yeeeaaaaaarggh!"
  What Makes a Terrorist?
Terrorism, however motivated, baffles people, because they cannot imagine doing these things themselves. This bafflement often leads us to assume that terrorists are either mentally deranged or products of a hostile environment.

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