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1999 - Articles Archive
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December 1999
Rally For Ten Commandments
Thousands of people showed up at a rally to support the Harrisburg, Ill., board's decision to post the Ten Commandments in district schools.
Pro-gay boklet for schools draws ire
A booklet released yesterday by a group of school psychologists, counselors, educators and doctors that says homosexuality is normal and not "mentally unhealthy" has angered several conservative groups.
U.S. investigates traffic in foetal parts
A US Congressional committee is investigating allegations that two organ procurement agencies are selling tissue harvested from aborted foetuses for profit, in violation of federal law.
Serbs murdered by the hundreds since 'liberation'
The postwar "ethnic cleansing" of Kosovo's Serbs appears to be nearing completion as armed Albanians continue to murder and kidnap the tiny minority of Serbs who remain in the province.
Why Republicans Lose
In Washington, of course, evading responsibility is an art form, so it is not always easy to tell who's responsible for which mess.
A Case Study in Educational Bureaucracy
After all these years of "reform," educational achievement is as pathetic as ever. The latest statewide exam scores confirm it.
Barbara Boxer's Moment of Truth
By responding to Santorum’s questions, Sen. Boxer violated the cardinal rule of defending partial-birth abortion: change the subject.
Gun Ownership Under Fire
In other countries, wars are being waged with guns. In America, war is being waged on guns.
Broaddrick Questioner Puts Press to Shame
Gore responds that Clinton's alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick was just a "personal mistake" on Clinton's part.
Gore Plays Dumb on Clinton Rape Allegation
Has the White House come up with a coordinated strategy to play dumb when confronted with questions about Bill Clinton's alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick?
Gore Backs 'Flexibility' On Medical Marijuana
Breaking with Bill Clinton, Al Gore says that the government should give doctors greater flexibility to prescribe marijuana to patients.
More Young People Stand Up For Life
There's a new voice emerging from the generation that likes to say it survived Roe v. Wade, the decision that legalized abortion. It's the voice of life.
The Disarming of Black America
With the NAACP suing gun manufacturers and Jesse Jackson stumping for stricter gun laws, black leaders seem to have fixed their crosshairs squarely on the Second Amendment.
Is Christianity a 'hate crime'?
Chicago's mayor asked the Southern Baptist Christian groups to stay away next summer, on the grounds that they might foment "hate crimes" against minorities.
Juanita Broaddrick Sues Clinton White House
An Arkansas woman who says that President Clinton brutally raped her while he was the state's attorney general has filed suit against the White House.
The True Origins of Kwanzaa
The inventor of the holiday was one of the few black "leaders" in America even worse than Sharpton. He founded an organization based on torture and enslavement of blacks.
One Million Vanish from North Korea Population List
Pyongyang says its population is now at 22.5 million, one million less than it revealed to two UN organizations just last year.
Billions Wasted by Government
A congressional study shows government programs are losing tens of billions of dollars annually to fraud, abuse and mismanagement of federal agencies.
Perils of Prosperity
Prosperity is more perilous to the soul than adversity to the body.
Christmas: A Message of Inclusion
It's true that it is very difficult to know for sure what is in other people's hearts. But their words and actions sometimes give us clues into their soul.
The Forced March to Bethlehem
This article is an effort to de-politicize a beautiful and important truth distorted by the prism of modernity.
Beltway Media Bias
When reporters are selecting and reporting the "news," as painful as it must be for them, they must endeavor to leave their prejudices on the cutting room floor.
Why This Death Didn't Count
A 13-YEAR-OLD NAMED JESSE DIRKHISING was killed on Sept. 26 in Rogers, Ark. Why didn't you know that?
Mourning Jesse Dirkhising
In this era of invasive and often insidious media scrutiny, I am astounded that virtually no major media outlet has investigated the brutal murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising.
Student's picture of Jesus is too much
Baldwinsville School District officials in New York are upset with 7-year-old Antonio Peck. They asked him to draw a way to save the earth. He drew Jesus.
Jesus, Just Another Face on a Milk Carton
In this last Christmas season of the second Christian millennium, the American news-media elite have come perilously close to erasing all connection with Christ.
November 1999
Liberal pots calling the tax kettle black
The Democrats - and especially Clinton - seem genetically opposed to tax cuts. To them, an average citizen is too stupid to know what to do with his own money and how to invest it, save it and spend it.
Denying Christ: Has Bradley Lost His Faith?
Bradley disavows his Christian beliefs and, according to "Investor's Business Daily," says he "now embraces all religions" from Buddhism to Islam, so long as they seek "inner peace."
The War Against Religion
We are in a cultural war, and at the center of it is a major offensive against Christianity. Anyone who does not believe this is in denial.
Defining Poverty Up
Through a simple change of definition, one that has nothing to do with economic realities, twelve million Americans might become "poor" overnight.
US Senate "Debates" Partial-Birth Abortions
Subjects that once naturally inspired a shudder, and roused every maternal and paternal instinct, are now smothered in latinate verbiage and set out to cool.
How Democratic Politicians Abuse the IRS
Members of Congress and officials in the White House have triggered audits of hundreds of tax-exempt groups this decade by lodging complaints with the IRS against political foes
Boy Sues School for Expelling Jesus
Antonio Peck of Syracuse drew a poster of Jesus for a classroom assignment, but his teacher told him it wouldn't be displayed because of its religious content.
From Hippocrates to Hypocisy
Tens of thousands of abortions are performed each year by medical doctors in direct violation of the Hippocratic Oath.
Alan Keyes - Presidential Material
GOP Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes took on 4 other Republican presidential hopefuls Friday night, October 22, stealing the spotlight and scoring a major victory for conservative Americans.
Lying About the 2000 Budget
If the whole truth were known about the 2000 budget, it would reveal that this Congress went on a spending spree unlike anything we have ever seen.
Hitler, Stalin ... and Clinton?
A New York Post survey sampling nearly 20,000 people ranks Bill Clinton second to Adolf Hitler as the most evil person of the millennium.
Demonizing Gun Owners, a National Pastime
In many parts of our society, anyone who owns a gun is automatically considered dangerous, violent or just plain different.
Let’s Outlaw "Hate"
Why do we have to classify hate and only protect certain "kinds" of it? Isn't "hate" in all forms and expressions something to abhor?
Church, as Stated
Soon ACLU lawyers will make their annual demand that crèches and menorahs be banned from all public property to maintain "separation of church and state."
Alan Keyes - Morality and God Matter
Morality arbitrates what we should take in, and what we must reject. Without this foundation, one merely lives from whim to whim, moving neither toward nor away from anything.
Movie "Dogma" Blasphemes Christ & Christianity
The release of Dogma proves that Disney does not take the cherished beliefs of Christians seriously, and that Hollywood enjoys mocking Christianity.
October 1999
King Clinton the Sociopath
President Clinton's run-in with Investor's Business Daily reporter Paul Sperry gives us yet another insight into the twisted personality currently leading the executive branch of the federal government.
Art or Anti-Christian Propaganda
The Establishment needs to do a bit more thinking about civility and transgression. It is not civil to attack a religion by trying to degrade its symbols.
Moral anarchy and its consequences
When we refuse to face the fact of deliberate evil - in a century that has seen mass murders of the innocent by the millions - our squeamishness does not protect anybody.
Fanatical Secular Faith
So many liberals are tolerant to a fault of crime, moral degeneracy, personal failure, ethnic and religious rituals in general -- yet they become flamingly intolerant at the first mention of the Judeo-Christian God.
What Happened to the 1st Amendment?
America can no longer solve many of its problems because it has lost its moral bearings and, thus, standards by which to measure potential solutions.
"Tolerance" Clinton Style
The day Bill Clinton demonstrates the slightest bit of tolerance for those he doesn't like and for those who don't like him is the day he may have the moral authority to lecture the nation.
Sacred Christian Sites in Kosovo Being Destroyed
The Church of Orthodox Christian Saints Cosma and Damian, was built in 1327. It is now a ruin of broken stone, curtesy of the KLA.
A Lesson on Socialism From Germany - IBD Editorial
The leftward shift is the inevitable result of a government retracting a part of its largess.
Teddy bear maker sued for spreading word of God
Using teddy bears to help spread the word of God apparently does not sit well with the maker of Beanie Babies products.
One Step Closer to Tyranny, Colt Exits Business
The media's and government's enthusiastic and relentless attack on gun manufacturers is bringing us closer to a complete gun ban and it's quickly laying the groundwork for tyranny.
Signs of a Culture's End
As we enter the end of what has been billed "the Century of America," our society is in the midst of a moral and cultural crisis unlike at any time in its history.
The Homosexualization of America
God has set down specific laws for our own good and they must be obeyed even as we must obey the laws of the land or nature.
Art Exhibit Denigrates the Virgin Mary
With support from Christian hating liberals and the media, the Brooklyn museum continues to display insulting and perverted art pieces.
September 1999
The abortion hypocrisy
We tolerate countless gov't violations of our rights, yet we allow unrestricted murder of the unborn.
More Tolerable for Sodom
Jesus condemned His generation saying that they were worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. I shudder to think what His assessment must be of our generation.
The Role of Scripture
The forgotten importance of the 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Prelude to Plunder
An unarmed man has no chance at all against an oppressive, tyrannical government.
What Price Freedom
NATO's KLA Problem
The practice of "ethnic cleansing" is flourishing, this time perpetrated by ethnic Albanians who are proving even more adept at it than the Serbs.
Clinton Pardons Terrorists
"I feel sick and furious. Clinton is letting terrorists out on the street. They're evil people who did evil things," said Diana Berger, whose husband, Alejandro, was killed by a 1975 FALN bomb at Fraunces Tavern.
Assessing Welfare Reform
The pessimists were wrong. Welfare reform did not give rise to catastrophe.
Demagogues Against Tax Cuts
We have gotten so used to the bitter rhetoric of the enemies of tax relief - liberals and Democrats, mostly, plus much of the national media - that we no longer notice how it poisons the national discourse.
The Nanny State
Just when are Americans going to say we've had enough government meddling in our lives.
Compassionate Conservatism is Old Stuff
The media seem to be thrown completely off-balance by Texas Governor George W. Bush's slogan of "compassionate conservatism." For years, liberals have acted as if they had compassion copyrighted.
Did Al Gore Serve in Vietnam?
The impression is being left by the vice-president that he served his country and went to Vietnam, but of course, there's more to this story.
What if I'm wrong about God?
"Farah, what if you're wrong about God? What if there is no God? Then your Bible is a sham, and your worldview is based on a myth. - by Joseph Farah
Free Press, RIP
Who's Going to Ask the President About His Treason Now?
Television's Influence
Today, the priesthood cannot and must not ignore the phenomenon of television - a phenomenon unrivaled in the extent of its influence over the human soul.
Anti-Christian Hate
The hatred of Christians as a motive driving killers is usually ignored in the media.

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