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2000 - Articles Archive
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December 2000
Orthodox Christmas in Pictures
Orthodox Christians have been celebrating the birth of Christ, nearly a fortnight after the same occasion in the western church's calendar.
Keeping the Faith
The awakening in religious life and the rallying behind traditional values and virtues is an ever-lengthening tail that is wagging the American political dog. And, I would add, American economic policy as well.
The Christmas Tree Ban
In the name of keeping church and state separate, Eugene, Oregon, City Manager Jim Johnson issued a memorandum prohibiting decorated trees in virtually every publicly-seen and worker-shared part of government facilities and offices.
Have a Merry - - - - -mas?
In Arkansas, the name of their traditional December parade–always known as the Christmas parade-- was changed to the now politically correct title "Holiday parade." That’s right, the word "Christmas" was too religious and might offend non-religious people.
Reversing the Tide for Families
In this newly "enlightened" generation, the generation that insists that it is more enlightened than God Himself, parents are finding out that it's becoming a crime to exercise the rod or any equivalent to it.
Christmas Briefly Canceled at School
Principal Linda Clark recently told her teachers and staff not to use the word "Christmas," or words for other religious holidays, in the interest of being sensitive to a diverse enrollment of students.
Just How Jolly?
Yes, there is a St. Nicholas, but he wasn't the jovial fellow most people imagine.
Evicted Scouts Sue Fla. School Board
The Boy Scouts are suing South Florida's Broward County School Board, claiming the board acted illegally when it evicted the group from school property.
Federal Income Tax Overhaul Mulled
The current federal income tax system administered by the IRS is far too complex and intrusive, robs people of incentive to earn money and contains too many loopholes and special breaks.
We Distort, You Figure It Out
Since accurate information is indispensable to the functioning of a viable Republic, we must either find a voluntary method to correct this situation which is way off course, or we will be forced to give up our way of governing.

October & November 2000
Fate of a Nation
I believe that Clinton — aided and abetted, let it never be forgotten, by the Democratic party united solidly behind him — has done terrible harm to this nation.
Facts Are "Out"
Increasingly bold intellectuals are denigrating the very idea of facts. It's all how you look at it, according to the more airy and self-indulgent of the intelligentsia.
Preparing Christians for Antagonism in Schools
A recent survey of young adults says between 33% and 51% who claim to be born again Christians when they enter college abandon their faith by the time they graduate.
Priest Doesn't Cower from Politics
A young priest by the name of Thomas Vander Woude made it explicitly clear to one of his parishioners that it is not acceptable for politically active Catholics (read: people who vote) to support candidates who are in favor of abortions.
Gore Has Left His Mark
Gore has shown that the rule of law is an inconvenience, nothing more. Like Clinton before him, Gore pays the rule of law lip service and never lets it get in his way.
Gore Has Left His Mark
Gore has shown that the rule of law is an inconvenience, nothing more. Like Clinton before him, Gore pays the rule of law lip service and never lets it get in his way.
Search for "God Particle" Ends
After fruitlessly hunting for the so-called "God particle" thought to give the universe substance, European scientists have all but conceded defeat.
Are Democrats Too Stupid to Vote?
Are Democrats too stupid to vote? Gore campaign chairman William Daley seems to think so. Daley fumed that "technicalities should not determine the president of the United States; the will of the people should."
The Disinformation Campaign
Team Gore is waging a disinformation campaign worthy of the KGB.
Reinventing Reality
The controversy regarding vote recounts in Florida can be viewed as a struggle for political power, which it clearly is. And it can be viewed as a struggle between honesty and dishonesty.
Like Thieves in the Night
The most troubling feature of the Florida Supreme Court 7 liberal democratict judges' decision is that the deadline of the 26th is more arbitrary and capricious than the statutory deadline.
Our Common Task
Never have the obstacles to true Christian life been greater than those facing us today. There are many external enemies of Christianity in this world which attacks us more from within than from without.
Vote Recounters Change Rules to Favor Gore
Republicans are charging Broward County's majority-Democrat canvassing board with changing the ballot-counting rules to give Al Gore an edge over George W. Bush.
The Equal-Protection Clause
The selective hand recount violates the equal-protection clause because it treats two voters differently, depending on the counties they live in.
The Chad Controversy
The word "chad" was relatively unheard of before this election. But over the past few days it has become perhaps America's most important new vocabulary word and is surrounded by controversy.
Butterfly Ballots Work Elsewhere
Counties in Ohio, Illinois and West Virginia all used a variation of the same two-page punch-card design that poll workers gave voters in Palm Beach County, Fla.
Gore Trying to Steal Election
Al Gore is trying the steal the election, not so much because he wanted to win, but because he cared about "democracy."
Election Theft 101
Election thievery is easy. Anyone can become an expert, so why not aim high? Go after the top office in the land.
View the Florida Ballot Picture
The so-called "confusing ballot" in Florida is anything but. The Democratic party okayed this ballot and has used it on previous elections.
Complaint About Florida Ballot is Absurd
The "butterfly ballot," was produced by a Democrat supervisor of elections, not likely to have been involved in some kind of scheme to deceive fellow Democratic voters.
Highway Robbery
They are burglars. But they are the bumbling, drop-your-wallet-at-the-scene kind.
Eyewitness to a Travesty
A life-long Republican, I am all too familiar with the spectacle of bare-fanged Democrats scenting blood going up against the rule-abiding, ever-hopeful, flat-learning-curve Republicans.
Florida Is Wrong
Using a "how-to-challenge-absentee-ballots-for-fun-and-political-advantage" memo, Democratic lawyers successfully disqualified approximately 1,400 overseas absentee ballots in Florida.
Military Ballots Are Not Junk Mail
Al "every vote counts" Gore is allowing military voters serving overseas to be denied, through no fault of their own, the right to have their vote counted.
Schwarzkopf Blasts Exclusion of Military Ballots
Decisions to exclude roughly 1,400 overseas ballots from Florida's absentee vote count has drawn the fire of the top US general who oversaw allied military operations in the Gulf War.
Military Votes Discarded to Help Gore
Defense Secretary William Cohen called it tragic that many U.S. service members' votes were thrown out in the Florida election for lack of postmarks and is looking into what legally can be done to get them into the count.
Media Pressure Bush Elector
The caller, "Ed from ABC News," asked Thursday if she would ever consider voting for Gore, and claimed it was unconstitutional for state law to require her to follow Colorado voters' choice of Bush.
Lieberman Spins into Oblivion
Sen. Joe Lieberman took to the airwaves Sunday morning and he wasn’t a happy camper. From the first question on, he denied, denied, denied.
Palm Beach Ballot Complaint Invalid
Palm Beach County, has a whopping 14,551 members of the Independent Party. In fact, it has the highest Independent registration in Florida.
Bush Recuses Himself, Gore's Manager Doesn't
Jeb Bush announced that he is recusing himself from the state's three-person board that certifies elections, but Gore's campaign manager won't.
Gore pledges to fight Boy Scouts
Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore said he plans to use legislation to encourage the Boy Scouts of America to accept gay leaders if he is elected. His opponent disagrees.
Tocqueville on Campaign 2000
Gore and his ideological allies believe our national character has changed, and that we are ready for the kind of enervating welfare state that has so gutted the energies of the Europeans.
Rev. Billy Graham Supports Bush
I believe in the integrity of this man. I've known him as a boy, I've known him as a young man, I've known him now still as a young man. And we're very proud of him.
The Meaning of the Vote
Because we live in a democracy we are free to vote; because we have individual liberty, we are free not to. We each of us get to decide.
Study: Go to Church, Live Longer
According to a Gallup poll released late last week, people who go to church and read the Bible often are happier than those who don't.
Render Unto Caesar - But Pray
Since the fall football season kicked off, God-fearing citizens across the country, in defiance of a recent Supreme Court decision, have chosen to continue to honor God through pre-game prayer.
Bill Clinton, Esquire
The December issue of Esquire features an extensive "Exit Interview" with Bill Clinton in which the president asks Republicans to apologize for impeaching him.
God and the Governor
In this exclusive interview with Charisma, George W. Bush talks about how he rededicated his life to Christ and how he applies his Christian faith to moral and political issues.
Court to Review Anti-Religion Bias
The Supreme Court will consider whether a school can ban a Christian group after hours, when it permits access to secular groups.
Born-Alive Bill Dies
Congress fails to protect babies that survive abortion. The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2000 will not pass Congress before members adjourn this weekend.
Gore: Lies, and More Lies
Al Gore is a pathological liar. He lies when he has to and when he doesn't have to. He lies about little things and big things. He lies about political issues and personal issues. He will say anything just to get elected.
Who Wants Another Liar in the White House?
When Al Gore took the second presidential debate to a new low with that moment of idiocy, I wondered if he had anyone in mind who stood in opposition to the "golden rule".
Clinton Needed to Check 'Carnal Desires'
We've got a culture that has sent a signal that says, 'If it feels good, just go ahead and do it. And if you have a problem in society, then blame somebody else.
Selling Out the Truth
The idea that the founders of this nation were seeking to establish a religion free environment and a nation free from the influence of Christianity is just as outlandish and laughable at the notion the Holocaust never happened.
Churches Suffer from Political Correctness
The United States of America is, without a doubt, one of the most religious nations in the world, but across all denominational lines, our churches are becoming increasingly milquetoast and susceptible to Political Correctness.
September 2000
Gore's Nose is Growing Again
Al Gore's tale of the little old lady who "has to go out seven days a week" to pick up cans to buy medicine unraveled yesterday, as she admitted she has repeatedly refused her well-to-do son's offer to care for her.
Al Gore's Tendency to Lie
The Drudge Report released memos written to Al Gore by his staff that warned of Gore's impulse to embellish.
Gore's Choice Sham
If we can't trust Al Gore to tell the truth about simple stories and the facts of his opponents plan, can we trust him to keep his word to seniors that they will get the medicines they need? Apparently not.
What’s Wrong With Toy Guns?
Society’s rules are changing fast. It’s no wonder that parents have a hard time keeping up. What was innocent play yesterday might be looked upon as a hate crime tomorrow.
Do You Want a President who Lies Constantly?
He's no less of a liar than Bill Clinton. He lies even when he doesn't have to. It's because he'll say anything and promise everything to fool you into voting for him. I dearly hope Americans will see through his lies come November.
For Gore, Every Encounter Controlled
The vice president speaks an ocean of words and hands out reams of paper each day, but he rarely makes an appearance where he runs the risk of a spontaneous exchange.
Churches Become Targets for Telling the Truth
Churches of all denominations that condemn homosexuality should prepare for the next wave of harassment and government intimidation.
When Liberals Get Religion
Conservatives can only look with bewildered amusement at the contortions liberals are going through over Joe Lieberman's public religiosity.
Bush defends Boy Scouts
Bush, a former Cub Scout, made it clear that he admires the venerated scouting organization and supports its decision to protect itself from homosexual assaults.
Bible Story Boy Headed for High Court
When it was Zachary Hood's turn to read to his first-grade class, he chose the Bible – and touched off a free-speech battle after his New Jersey school censored him.
Are Your Kids Listening to This?
Eminem, is the latest tortured soul on the entertainment scene. This spokesman for a new generation also thinks we should memorialize the Columbine killers.
Other churches not true faith, says Vatican
The Vatican has rejected the concept that other religions could be equal to Roman Catholicism and ordered its theologians not to manipulate what it called the truth of the faith.
August 2000
Wake Up, Parents!
One of the scariest stories in the news is receiving very little attention. According to USA Today, parents are being put under pressure by schools and by courts to have their children drugged with Ritalin.
Factoring Media Bias
Larry Elder should be on every network talk program in America. There is absolutely no excuse why this man's voice should not be heard. He simply has a different point of view than most media blacks.
AlGore's 'Going Out of Business!' Tax Plan
Gore has proposed a tax system that employs the same scam. It theoretically provides tax relief if anyone could figure out how to qualify and was willing to behave accordingly.
Churches Banned Across the US
Power-crazed zoning boards all across the nation are making churches an endangered species by using zoning laws to ban houses of worship from what the authorities decide are inconvenient locations.
Death Tax Hurts All
The death tax makes a trivial contribution to total federal tax revenues of $2 trillion - about 1.5 percent or $30 billion - but it can spell disaster for many Americans.
IRS Gestapo Strikes Again
Americans who speak their minds are not supposed to be afraid of their government. But Clinton and his gang have used the IRS to punish dissenters.
Ignoring the Cry, with Drugs or Indifference
A British doctor is calling for anesthetic to be used in abortions carried out between 17 and 24 weeks of pregnancy, saying that it is likely that children at the stage of fetal development would feel pain.
More Donors Abandoning Boy Scouts
Major corporations and charitable organizations continue to pull their funding from the Boy Scouts of America, criticizing BSA for its ban on homosexuality.
Call It Cowardice
The drive to ban guns is a symptom of a much larger problem: the flight from responsibility. Rather than accept the slightest risk to our precious skins, we are taught that we must give in to criminals.
Thinking Like Pagans
The vice-president of a large Christian university recently observed: "Students come here with a love for God in their hearts but their minds think like pagans!"
Brady Gun Control Law Has No Effect
A study reported in the journal of the American Medical Association concludes that the controversial Brady law restricting handgun purchases had virtually no effect.
God and The Liberal Left
For decades, the atheistic, anti-God, anti-family, anti-mom & pop feathers of the Democratic Party's left wing have told us about the dangers of permitting God to enter the political arena.
The Gore Standard
When words no longer have universally accepted meaning, all truth becomes relative. All laws become infinitely elastic, and the rule of law disappears.
The Surplus Is Your Money!
When Gore and Clinton talk about tax cuts they say cuts will "cost" too much. Cost whom? It's our money to begin with.
Chinese Gov't Kills Baby to Enforce Rule
China has been shaken by one of the most horrifying cases of official infanticide in recent memory after "family planners" drowned a healthy baby in front of the parents.
Universal Healthcare for the Whole World?
It isn't bad enough that politicians at every level in this country sit up nights dreaming of new ways to tax and spend. Now we have to worry about politicians from around the world who have a tax and spend scheme that is going to cost Americans trillions of dollars.
Kosovo Deaths Greatly 'Exaggerated' by West
The final toll of civilians confirmed massacred by Yugoslav forces in Kosovo is likely to be under 3,000, far short of the numbers claimed by Nato governments last year.
Al Gore: The $2.3 Trillion Man
Al Gore has gone from reinventing government to reinventing himself as a free-spending, FDR-style populist. This new, anti-business Gore is menacing to investors and hypocritical to boot.
A Troubling Democratic Party
If a Third World dictatorship featured its leader walking backstage alone through the corridors for about a minute, followed by obsequious cameras, Americans would mock such a scene as ludicrous propaganda.
A Legend In His Own Mind
In a speech filled with gilded self-promotion, historical revisionism and worn cliches, Clinton once again proved himself to embody the irrepressible egotism of the "me" generation.
Surplus or Overcharge?
The fascinating thing is that Clinton somehow seems to think that now that the government has all that money, it should spend it to make our lives better, instead of letting us decide how to spend it.
Georgia to Teach Creation
A new curriculum that encourages Georgia teachers to promote "respect for the creator" is drawing criticism that it violates the separation of church and state.
Lieberman's Record Belies 'Moderate' Label
Al Gore's vice presidential pick talks like a conservative but votes like a liberal, one Claremont Institute policy analyst said, referring to Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman.
The State's Religion
To the extent any Establishment Clause principles can be discerned from the Supreme Court's rulings on the matter, the court's position seems to be that invocations of the G-word can be permitted only around responsible adults who couldn't possibly swallow that religious hocus-pocus.
"Snipers Wanted" - CBS Show Threat/Joke
A late-night television host for CBS may have threatened the life of GOP presidential nominee George W. Bush during a parody of a news report showing Bush accepting his party's nomination at the Republican National Convention.
Call for Integrity is Indictment Against Clinton
President Clinton has so disgraced the office he holds that expressing a desire for someone who will be a credit to the presidency is automatically viewed as a calculated insult.
Gored by Himself
The major issue in this presidential campaign is not America's economy; it is America's character. Bush promises to "restore honor and integrity" to the White House. Of all the promises made, this is the solitary one that Gore will not make and cannot make.
July 2000
Lenin's Statue: Adding Insult to Injury
Imagine being an Auschwitz survivor, or the child of one, and witnessing a giant sculpture of Adolf Hitler raised in your community. This is exactly what's happening now in Seattle.
Poland Wipes Out Abortion
Many politicians and judges have long been reluctant to outlaw abortion because it might result in illegal, back-alley abortions. But one country has proven that fear is groundless.
For Bush, Faith is More Than a Formality
Politicians usually tend to the religious formalities, but George W. Bush's personal devotion stands out, even in a state where churchgoing is as settled a folkway as football — or now-outlawed football prayers.
I Agree With Clinton!
White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said, "Obviously, the president probably has more experience than any living human being about how deep in the gutter some people can go." Joe, I couldn't have said it any better myself.
GOP Losing Moral Ground?
The weakening of GOP opposition to the activist homosexual agenda is part of a general determination to blunt the sharp image of Republican conservatism.
Pope Stands Against Homosexuality
Pope John Paul II sharply condemned homosexual activists last week, prompting pro-family groups to praise the strong stand he took.
Your Government in Action
A Department of Energy report last week said government regulations, not price gouging by oil companies, was to blame for the high gas prices in the Midwest.
Gibson's Preacher More Fact Than Screenplay
Mel Gibson's preacher is a breath of fresh air. He is also an accurate reflection of hundreds of Colonial ministers who fought valiantly in America's War for Independence.
PETA Puts Rats First and People Last
"Rats have rights!" screamed a dozen protesters at CBS' studios here on June 16. Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were aghast at CBS' hit program, "Survivor."
Liberals Have a License to Offend
What do syndicated talk show host Dr. Laura, sports interviewer Jim Gray, director Quentin Tarantino, the Confederate flag, and John Rocker have in common?
Gore Lies About Buddhist Temple Affair
Four months after his chief fund-raiser Maria Hsia was convicted of illegally raising money at a Buddhist temple luncheon, Al Gore says he still doesn't believe the event was a fund raiser.
Gumbel the Anti-Religious Bigot
CBS (and NBC beforehand) has allowed Gumbel to hurl one insult after another against Christians for years, with never a word of complaint.
Both Clintons Used Racist and Bigoted Phrases
One former Clinton bodyguard said he knew four or five others close to the Clintons who would be willing to corroborate claims about Bill and Hillary's bigoted language on the record.
Gumbel's Bumble
"No other reporter has been caught on camera in front of millions of people saying what Bryant Gumbel was caught saying," Bozell said.
Sudan Gets Chinese Jets
Sudan has acquired 34 new jet fighters from China, doubling the size of the country's air force and further escalating the Muslim government's war against Christians.
"Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor"
We tend to forget that to sign the Declaration of Independence was to commit an act of treason - and the punishment for treason was death.
The Sweet Smell of Hypocrisy
Summer is here, and again we awaken to the smell of magnolias, honeysuckle and hypocrisy from the left.
June 2000
Imposing Whose Morals?
Conservatives are frequently accused of attempting to impose their moral vision on America. We, in turn, accuse liberals of much the same thing - although we correctly call the liberal attempt an immoral vision.
Double Standards for Dictators
Communist dictators, no matter how despotic or murderous they are, are embraced and congratulated, while "right-wing" rulers are hounded and demonized.
The Cruelties of the Estate Tax
At the end of the day, however, the estate tax should be abolished not because of finances or economics, but as a matter of simple decency.
"The Patriot" Is Right
Mel Gibson's new film on the Revolutionary War, "The Patriot," drew loud gasps at a recent screening. The outrageous scene?
Prayer Heals, Say Scientists
Prayer may help heal the sick, according to a new review of studies on "distance healing," by researchers at the University of Maryland.
Those Shameless Liberals
All toe-tag -- don't-confuse-me-with-the-facts -- liberals show absolutely no shame, regret, or remorse, even when proven wrong.
Can Christians Vote for Gore?
Al Gore's association with the church is being questioned through a new national campaign that asks if Christians can vote for Mr. Gore, based on his pro-abortion and pro-homosexual policies.
Oops, There Goes National Security
Whoops! There goes another batch of nuclear secrets, right out from under the collective noses of Willie’s Wiz Kids.
Prayer in Government Schools
Take responsibility for your own kids -- before you lose them to the state and before they lose their most basic human rights.
School stadiums: No-prayer zones
The Supreme Court ruled that public, student-led prayer in high school stadiums before football games violates the First Amendment of the Constitution - a decision critics find "confusing and distorting."
  Meaning of Pentecost
Something new happened at Pentecost, something wondrous, something marvelous - God came and dwelt not only among us as our Lord Jesus Christ, but within us through the Holy Spirit.
Home Schoolers Ace Spelling Bee
Home-schooled students scored a major coup this year by taking all three top spots in the national spelling contest and also doing well at the annual geography competition.
June 2000
Jewish Group Warns Corporate Giant P&G
An Orthodox Jewish group that supports traditional family values is launching a campaign against Procter & Gamble for dropping its sponsorship of the "Dr. Laura" television show.
Campus Bans Words "History" and "Lady"
A college in England has banned the use of more than 40 "offensive" words and phrases, including "normal couple" and "slaving over a hot stove".
Guns n' Rosie
After news broke that Ms. O'Donnell's bodyguard applied for a gun-carrying permit, other parents worried that he would bring the firearm to the boy's school.
White House Celebrates Gay & Lesbian Pride
"Recognizing the joys and sorrows of the gay and lesbian movement, we observe June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month and celebrate the progress we have made in creating a society more inclusive and accepting of gays and lesbians."
Gun-Owners' Revolt in Canada
American breathed a sigh of relief this week as our national gun rights debate took a break from the overheated rhetoric of recent months.
May 2000
Clinton's Campaing of Terror Against Accusers
The Internal Revenue Service has been criticized and even sued for a series of audits on critical individuals and organizations who oppose the policies of President Bill Clinton.
Democrats' Abortion Legacy
Democrat presidential candidates Bill Bradley and Al Gore are busy attempting to convince their party's voters that they are more pro-abortion than the other.
Normal Trade? When China is Normal
It will be time to upgrade China's trade status with the United States when the Chinese government stops torturing middle-aged widows to death.
Ten Commandments Removed in 3 Counties
The Ten Commandments came off the walls of two Southeastern Kentucky courthouses and one mountain school district yesterday as local officials complied with a court order.
The New Blacklisters
Increasingly, gay activists are insisting that you not be allowed to hear the arguments for and against. Instead debating opinions they don't share, they label them "hateful" or "dangerous".
The Rain Forests are Not Dying
"All these save-the-forests arguments are based on bad science," says Moore, a founding member of Greenpeace who recently returned from a fact-finding mission to the Amazon.
The Spike
CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC omit stories of armed citizens who save themselves, their families or a stranger. They would rather wait impatiently to report on the next school shooting.
History Becomes Unconstitutional in Kentucky
A federal judge in Kentucky ruled that it's unconstitutional for public schools to display together historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the national motto, the Mayflower Compact, and the Ten Commandments.
Christians Must Transform, Not Conform
Based on the Great Commission in the book of Matthew, Christians are to be active participants in transforming the world into a better place.
Al Gore: The Same Old Song
Beginning this week, the Gore camp reports, we’ll be seeing yet another incarnation of presidential candidate Al Gore, this time focusing on who he is. Haven’t we heard this song before?
Why Reward China For Religious Oppression?
Faith in Christ is breaking out all over China, and you know what that means: Torture, prison, labor camps, and "re-education" for anyone who follows Christ.
Clinton's Revenge on Enemies
I warned you that if Bill Clinton was not held accountable for his many abuses of power that the corruption would only continue and intensify in his last days in office.
The Elian Gonzalez Tragedy dedicates this special section for the coverage of the tragic and horrific events that Clinton and Castro have caused. Read articles, news, facts and editorials that speak the truth about freedom and tyranny.
The War on the Church in America
We seldom hear about a growing trend developing right here in the good old USA in which the state targets churches' First Amendment rights.
The End of Freedom as We Know It?
When the history of this nation is finally written by someone objective, the question will arise as to when the United States lost its form of government.
Victim Laments Lack of a Gun
A woman powerless to stop a gunman from murdering her parents opposes the Million Mom March.
Arkansas Panel Recommends Clinton Disbarment
President Clinton should lose his license to practice law for "serious misconduct" in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, a committee of the Arkansas Supreme Court recommended on Monday.
Gore Mangles the Truth... Again
As you have no doubt heard, Al Gore lies like a rug. The old punch line about how you know when a politician is lying is no joke when it comes to the Vice President: If his lips are moving, you know.
Al Gore's Risky Defense Scheme
When Gore derides national missile defense as "risky," we are reminded of Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov calling the idea "insane" back in 1983.
  Resurrecting the triumph of Easter
Every year at this time, various newsmagazines like to stoke up the fires of criticism against the Christian faith and challenge the truth of the Resurrection.
The Truth about Communism
Why on earth are the American government and public so gung-ho about sending Elian back to Cuba, where he will face the certain destiny of brainwashing and indoctrination?
A picture of Bill Clinton's America
Regardless of where you stand on the issue of you cannot credibly defend the administration's uninterrupted pattern of deceit and betrayal in this case.
Florida Bans Late-Term Abortions
The new law makes it a criminal act, punishable by up to 15 years in prison, to abort a fetus whose head or torso above the navel has passed through the birth canal.
Useful Idiots Hard at Work
While Fidel never got to experience the joy of watching millions of Americans perish in a nuclear holocaust, he can find some satisfaction in the knowledge that a few of those spared that awful fate have gone on to serve him dutifully in Bill Clinton's White House.
Endangering Elian
In taking the child by force, the Attorney General, with the approval of the President, risked the child's life.
May 3 is Tax Freedom Day This Year
Today is May 3 - not just any old Wednesday, but Tax Freedom Day - the theoretical day when Americans have earned enough to pay their federal, state and local tax burden.
How the Tax Code Harms Families
Federal, state, and local taxes consume about 40 percent of the income of the average family. That is more than the average family spends on food, clothing, and shelter combined.
April 2000
The Camel's Nose
At colleges across the US, conservative students' First Amendment rights are trampled and attacked on a regular basis.
Court Rejects Ohio's 'God' Motto
A federal appeals court today struck down Ohio's state motto, "With God, All Things Are Possible," saying it illegally shows a governmental preference for Christianity over other religions.
Tobacco Can Now Save Lives
Lifesaving drugs could soon be produced more efficiently, naturally and economically with the help of tobacco -- the same tobacco implicated in illness, disability and death.
Mugabe Arming Squatters with AK-47s?
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's regime is arming black communist supporters, who are squatting on white-owned farms, with government-issued AK-47 rifles.
Final curtain for Zimbabwe?
The current Zimbabwean crisis has accelerated in recent days as black communist ex-guerillas have began to occupy white-owned farmland.
Bright Sadness
America is gradually becoming more and more secular, of this there can be no doubt. This descent into the abyss is due to the fact that we are now a nation of people who are slaves to their passions.
Search the Seizure
What those automatic weapons and tactics reveal is that Clinton, advocate of gun control for the rest of us, was ready and willing to kill Elian and every member of his Miami family rather than wait and risk the boy winning a chance for freedom.
America's Totalitarian Shame
The entire premise of the Elian drama—that the Miami relatives have kept the boy from his father—is completely false.
Supreme Court Debates Partial-Birth Abortion
Justice Scalia discussed the 'horror' of partial birth abortions, which he repeatedly described as taking 'a living, unborn child' from the uterus and 'killing that unborn child.
Castro advances the Revolution
Communist leader says West 'incapable of preserving the human race'.
Miracles Still Happen Today
Do miracles still happen today? Ask those who have received the healing touch of God and the answer will be a resounding yes.
Official Calls Partial Birth Abortions 'Infanticide'
Faulting the Clinton administration for its continued veto of partial birth abortion bans, passed by the Republicans, Heckler, a former ambassador to Ireland, said, "We are now facing the abomination of abominations.
March 2000
Pro-Homosexual Video Targets Public Schools
The rationale for the video "It’s Elementary" is to keep the discussion of homosexuality out of the hands of ignorant parents, and place it in the hands of an enlightened public school system.
The Liberal Media-in-Training
A student journalist who dared to challenge the radical liberal agenda and expose the truths behind its ideology has promptly been fired.
Imposing the Victim Morality
It is hard to imagine any previous generation of Americans who would have taken seriously the idea of making marriage laws apply to domestic unions which lack the very features that caused marriage laws to exist in the first place.
The Oscars Celebrate Immorality and Abortion
For anyone with an ounce of decency that watched it, the level of childishness, hypocrisy, self-centerdness, superficiality and immaturity reached new heights. But behind the glitzy facade of this event, a deadly message was being broadcast into our living rooms.
St. Vladimir routs Karl Marx!
Although most people haven't heard about it, the biggest religious revival in history is happening in Russia.
Theologian Revises Biblical Prohibitions
A Leading Church of England theologian has called for a revision of the Christian stance against homosexuality, prostitution and drugs.
Watch What You Say
Now that campaigns against free speech are becoming a specialty of the left, the instinct to suppress is the same, but the rhetoric of the censors is drenched in concern about hate and violence.
Teen 'Census' Outrages Parents
Census 2000 questions deemed "offensive" and "intrusive" by many Americans pale in comparison with inquiries made to teenagers in Ridgewood, N.J.
Sudan Accused of Bombing Christian School
Missionaries in southern Sudan say the Islamic government bombed a Christian school, injuring students and parents in the latest example of what some are calling official Christian persecution by the regime.
Racial Killings & Gun Control
Why would a family of criminals, like the one actually responsible for the murder of Kayla Rolland, observe a trigger-lock law if it was passed? The inhabitants of this crack house do not observe laws. They live to break laws. .
New Orthodox Church Prays in English
Responding to a growing flock of Orthodox Christians in North Pinellas, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America has given its blessing to the formation of a new congregation in Palm Harbor.
Blood on This Administration's Hands
Clinton and Gore have masterfully and shamefully manipulated shooting tragedy after shooting tragedy in the last seven years for political advantage.
13-Year-Old Torture Victim Denied U.S. Visa
It is big news in Russia, but the media in the U.S. have all but ignored an effort by the Clinton administration to prevent a 13-year-old Russian girl from telling a tale of Chechen terrorism at a U.S. press conference.
Fetuses for Sale
A thriving industry in which aborted fetuses are being marketed for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, raises uncharted ethical questions and ignites a new argument in the battle over abortion.
Pax Clintonia fails in Kosovo
If anyone needs proof of the Clinton Administration's hypocritical stance on human rights, then direct that person to the 1999 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.
Gun Control Creates Victims
Criminals (even six-year-old ones) have no compunction about disobeying the laws of man or God. No law on earth will stop them from killing.
Hillary on Parade: An Eyewitness Report
Mrs. Clinton’s strong-arm tactics are well-attested. Get in her way, and you can expect your FBI background file to be pulled and your taxes audited, at the very least.
February 2000
China Threatens U.S. with Missile Strike
China stepped up its war of words over Taiwan yesterday, bluntly threatening to fire long-range nuclear missiles at the United States if it defends the island.
China Orders Military Alert
Action comes as Taiwan prepares for presidential elections. Forces told to be prepared mentally, economically and militarily in the war against Taiwan's independence moves.
McCain Lashes Out At Conservative Christians
In unprecedented language for a serious Republican presidential candidate, John McCain lashed out Monday against leaders of the Christian conservative movement.
Pope visits Mt. Sinai and its Orthodox Monastery
Saying he felt "great joy," Pope John Paul II prayed today at the spot where tradition says Moses once stood, and called himself a pilgrim "in the footsteps of God."
Gay Club Approved at Louisiana Highschool
The Gay Straight Alliance Club won approval to open a chapter at McKinley High School as long as it follows laws and school system rules.
Elian: Sacrificial Lamb?
"What could possibly, except fear, keep a person from making a 30-minute trip to reclaim his son?"
Sears Pulls Benetton Contract
Sears, Roebuck and Co. severed ties with trendy Italian clothier Benetton, whose ad campaign featuring death row inmates upset customers.
Clinton Policy in Sudan Deadly
Inaction and hypocrisy on the part of the Clinton administration and a policy of business as usual is proving deadly for Christians in Sudan.
Why I Changed My Mind About Elian
Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin gives us her first-hand experience with Elian and his encounter with the communist controlled grandmothers.
Hillary Stiffs Single-Mom Waitress
First lady didn't leave a cent after breakfast 'on the house'.
Britain Cuts Homosexual Age of Consent to 16
Legislation to lower the age of consent for gay men from 18 to 16 has been overwhelmingly approved in England.
House Approves 'Marriage Penalty' Relief
Clinton claims to support concept, but still promises veto.
Clinton Promises to Veto Marriage Penalty Relief
President Bill Clinton promised to veto the Republican marriage penalty tax relief bill, which passed by a 268-158 vote.
Benetton Sued Over Death Row Ads
Missouri's attorney general filed suit against Italian clothing maker Benetton over the company's use of death row inmates in an advertising campaign.
Abortion Issue Key in Republican Debates
The five remaining Republican hopefuls sparred on issues like abortion, taxes, and Clinton's corrupt administration in New Hampshire.
Clinton: Christians Responsible for Own Persecution
Clinton believes Southern Baptists and other Christian organizations "perpetuate ancient religious hatred." Never mind the hatred he himself spreads.
How Taxes Strangle Free Expression
The Chicago Defender is a historic, old black daily newspaper that will be closed this month - because of the cold, calculating hand of intrusive, greedy government.
January 2000
The Unraveling of Our Moral Threads
The moral threads that weave the fabric of our national character are rapidly unraveling threatening the integrity of the fabric.
Liberal Press Helps Castro as Boy Faces Slavery
The media keeps plugging away with their pro-Castro propaganda while reporting the plight of Elian Gonzalez, the 6-year-old Cuban boy who wants to be an American.
The Media's Anti-Gun Animus
The Labels "LOBBY" and "special-interest group" are rarely used by journalists to describe lobbies or special-interest groups like the AARP, ACLU, the NAACP, or Handgun Control, Inc. But when they refer to the NRA, "lobby" is the very first word that springs to mind.
Church of England approves prayer to God the mother
GOD will be described as a mother in a prayer was overwhelming approved by the Church of England General Synod.
A Question for the Millennium
Looking behind us, this century of ours was mostly a stage for the destructive dramas of a secular religious faith called "socialism."
Persecution of Christians Growing
More Christians died for their faith in the twentieth century than at any other time in history.
Never Again? Oh, Never Mind
Despite abundant news coverage of genocides and repeated entreaties for help, Clinton took no steps to stop the killing of innocents.
The Precious Life of Jesse Dirkhising
There are three reasons why Jesse Dirkhising's brutal rape and murder are significant to us - all of us. First and foremost, every life is sacred.
I Have a Dream, Too
Civil rights, America's founders taught us so well, are God-given, unalienable rights. They don't descend from government. They are not given out through acts of Congress.
Fidel's Useful Idiots Meet Their Match
A bearded dictator, the full force of the religious left, a sympathetic media, a legion of useful idiots, and the Clinton administration itself were no match for one 70-year-old nun.
America's Criminal Class
The 535 men and women who make up the House and Senate of the United States include, at best, a collection of rogues, con artists, scofflaws and bad check artists.
Intellectual Class War
Twenty years after the welfare system was already a proven disaster for America's inner-city poor, Democrats and leftists were still demanding more welfare and opposing significant reforms.
Flu Stunt Riles Salon Readers
A Salon magazine writer who went undercover and tried to infect presidential candidate Gary Bauer with the flu has sniffled his way into a heap of trouble.
War on Christianity
Never before in American history have Christians experienced being hated for following Jesus Christ as they are today.

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