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2002 - Articles Archive
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December 2002
Somewhere Santa is weeping
We in America have to live in fear of being sued by organizations that seek to suppress any kind of religious display in the public arena. For two hundred years, the United States celebrated Christmas without any intrusion from the courts; not anymore.
Black political appointees
More than 25 percent of Bush's appointees are minorities. Bush has far superseded Clinton, however, when it comes to appointing blacks to top posts. According to a recent White House release, minorities have filled 45 percent of the administration's highest policy positions. The media, of course, has overlooked this truth.
North Korea Threatens to "Destroy World"
North Korea's communist party newspaper, the Workers' Daily, declared that "the army and people of the DPRK are fully ready to mercilessly strike the bulwark of US imperialist aggressors" - implying that they could hit targets in the US.
Islam's Other Victims: Wars Against Christians
Most people take for granted that the Middle East is a Moslem region of the world. What they forget is that this region, which was of course the birthplace of Christianity, has a long history of Christian communities. These, however, have been the most readily-accessible targets of jihad, so they have been under relentless attack for centuries.
Democrat senator praises bin Laden
Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., told a group of high-school students in her state that the U.S. should adopt Osama bin Laden's nation-building tactics.
If Congress does nothing, taxes will rise
It is a mystery to liberals why conservatives are so adamant about cutting taxes. To them, the conservative fervor for tax cuts - anytime, anywhere - is irrational; almost a religious belief that is accepted on faith without any supporting evidence. In fact, tax cuts make perfect sense.
The Houston lesson
We have become a nation that refuses to make judgments about bad behavior, even when that behavior hurts innocent children. If we lived in a righteous society, Whitney Houston would be singing to herself, as decent people concerned for her daughter would make a statement by shunning the diva.
November 2002
When Life Begins
The White House and congressional Republicans should not shrink from moving boldly on issues that will continue to put the Democrats on the defensive, and partial-birth abortion is a perfect example.
French fries kill?
Almost no week goes by without a report on some food or environmental danger that can kill us. It is quite remarkable that any of us are alive given our exposure to so many "dangers." Yet, not only are we alive, we Westerners are the healthiest and longest living generation of humans since the 900-year-olds of Genesis.
Killing Christians
The media almost never point out that Christians are being killed, often at places of worship, in several countries with Islamic majorities or governments, not because they are Westerners or Americans (many are neither) but because they are Christians.
Does God like your car?
Taking the question literally is not just a way to poke fun at environmentalist puritans who cloak their ideological agenda in Scripture. It also reveals the fatuousness of the assertion that if you want to be a good Christian you should "drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle that truly meets your needs."
Who is promoting violence?
Liberals can be very "understanding" about violence -- provided it is violence from the left. Where was the outrage from Senator Daschle when environmentalist terrorists booby-trapped trees so that saw-mill workers would be injured -- and could have been killed?
Gun Control’s Twisted Outcome
England's complete ban on handguns has not re-duced violent crime. Instead it has left law-abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals who are confident that their victims have neither the means nor the legal right to resist them. Imitating this model would be a public safety disaster for the United States.
October 2002
White House Embraces Christian Faith
President Bush talks openly and proudly about his active spiritual faith. In another, less well known sign of the religious devotion that permeates the administration, some White House staffers have been meeting weekly at hour-long prayer and Bible study sessions.
The left has lost its moral bearings
The rhetoric accurately reflects the current condition of much of the left -- bitter, stymied, alienated, politically impotent, full of loathing for America and the West, and totally unable to address the crisis wrought by 9/11, except to imply (or say) that the U.S. deserved to be attacked.
Hollywood's silence on Israel
Let it be said loudly and clearly that this silence will be a long-lasting stain on Hollywood's moral record. The Palestinian/Islamic/Arab war to destroy Israel is the moral test of our time. If you are silent on this issue, you are either morally confused, immoral or lack courage.
America’s Ten Commandments
Why would the ACLU want to cut out of American consciousness the reason why, for a plurality of Americans, respect for civil liberties is a serious, even a sacred duty? Failure to observe is an offense against the Supreme will of God.
Timothy McVeigh, Christian terrorist?
How has such a patent falsehood spread so quickly and easily through responsible media? Evidently the psychic need to equate Christian fundamentalists, millions of whom have lived peacefully in America since its founding, with radical Islamic terrorists who commit mass murder simply overwhelmed standards of journalism. Or, one might add, common decency.
The root of all evil
The Constitution was created to protect all Americans from harm and unfairness. Legions of kids are being harmed by their neglectful parents, and millions of taxpayers are being abused when their dollars are used to support Oakley's children.
The deficit dance
The federal budget deficit was $158 billion for fiscal year 2002. Democratic politicians blame this shortfall on the Bush tax cut of 2001. But how can they? The bulk of the reduction in personal tax rates designated in that cut does not occur until the 2004 to 2006 period.
North Korea took the money and lied
Agreements with North Korea or Arafat or Saddam are not worth the paper they are written on. Laboring over every jot and tittle--the life work of our paper-pushing peace processors-- is quite mad. The beginning of wisdom is giving up this supremely naive belief in paper.
New global warming threat: Hot air on Iraq
All summer, Democrats were huffily demanding that Bush come to Congress for approval before taking any action against Iraq. So Bush comes to Congress for approval, and now the Democrats are indignant he's come to Congress for their approval.
The Nobel 'anti-war' Prize
In awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter, the Nobel Committee intended to indicate its keen support for the former American president's criticism of the current American president's warlike ways.
House Bill Restores 'Under God' to Pledge
The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly - though not unanimously - on Tuesday for a bill that would keep mentions of God in the Pledge of Allegiance and national motto.
State Legislation Protects Abortion Rights
California has been passing a series of bills that the media has been calling "landmarks" in the protection of "women's rights." The measures constitute the most aggressive attempt in recent memory to entrench "reproductive rights" -- that is, abortion -- into society by force of law.
House Bill Restores 'Under God' to Pledge
The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly - though not unanimously - on Tuesday for a bill that would keep mentions of God in the Pledge of Allegiance and national motto.
School offers morning-after pill
Girls as young as 11 will be able to obtain the morning-after pill at a London school without their parents' consent. If the scheme is successful, it could be extended to every secondary school.
Baghdad Bonior
Not since Jane Fonda posed for photographers at a Hanoi antiaircraft gun has there been anything like Rep. Jim McDermott, speaking to ABC's "This Week" from Baghdad, saying Americans should take Saddam Hussein at his word, but should not take President Bush at his.
Kiss your money goodbye
Never, never, never, (did I say never?) never believe the Democrats when they say that the country cannot "afford" a tax cut.
September 2002
How do you know the Bible is true?
The truth, of course, is that God's living law, the inborn ability to discern right from wrong, was written in Cain's heart, as it is in every human being who's ever lived. The word "conscience" literally means "with knowing." We all know.
Pro-Life Justice Sacrificed by Democrats
"The rejection of Priscilla Owen is the first time in American history that someone who has been unanimously rated 'well qualified' by the American Bar Association was nonetheless rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is being done totally for partisan and ideological purposes without any regard for qualifications."
The truth be told
The real reason that many Muslims hate America is that it supports and defends Israel. That is the truth, and all these other canards are charades.
The problem with America's colleges
Universities are among our most important social institutions. Vital as they are to the functioning of our democracy, they are themselves undemocratic.
A better America
It goes without saying that the Islamic terror attack on America on September 11, 2001, was an act of pure evil; that for those who suffered and died it was an unspeakable horror; that nothing will ever compensate their loved ones for their loss; and that the date will forever live in infamy in American memory.
What I learned at the Metrodome
Liberals boycott the Boy Scouts because the Boy Scouts want to provide heterosexual scoutmasters as models for their boys. But when actually confronted with homosexuality, most liberals do not react with the acceptance they seek to impose on others.
Jimmy Carter rides again
Regarding Iraq, Carter reassures us that "there is no current danger to the US from Baghdad. In the face of intense monitoring and overwhelming American military superiority, any belligerent move by Hussein against a neighbor, even the smallest nuclear test ... or sharing this technology with terrorist organizations, would be suicidal."
Revisiting Solzhenitsyn After September 11
Solzhenitsyn decried the moral decay of modern America but asserted that American foundations have a transcendent character that, when renewed, can stop the materialist drift of American culture and restore the courage needed to confront the threats to liberty and freedom.
Mugabe's final solution
Currently, President Mugabe is terminating whites in Zimbabwe. He is illegally seizing their farms and encouraging his thugs to use beatings, murder and rape to terrorize whites into acquiescence.
August 2002
GOD only knows
Until there are massive anti-terrorism demonstrations headed by Islamic clerics, the world is right to be suspect of that religion. And until the Pope dismisses the American clerics who have disgraced the Catholic Church, and until John Paul becomes proactive in protecting children, Catholicism has no credibility in preaching about moral imperatives.
Editing 'The Word' Rankles the Faithful
Supporters of a new translation of the Bible say it only updates archaic language. Critics contend it is a ploy to interject politically correct ideology into Scripture.
The nobleness of black conservatives
Have you ever considered what it would be like to be a black political conservative in modern America? How many people are brave enough to endure the kind of vilification and scorn they routinely encounter?
The Incredible Shrinking Massacre
The United Nations has released the results of its investigation into what happened at Jenin. And what does its report say? Uh, about that massacre, folks? . . . Never mind.
Bloodshed at the border: not headline news
Why does a Hollywood has-been's car crash deserve endless headline news reports, while a young man's sacrifice in defense of our borders earns zero national TV coverage?
Return to Sender
Mom sues school after son forbidden to write to Jesus. "She told him he could not write that letter because Jesus wasn't a real person -- that he didn't exist," Phillip’s mother said.
Say 'bye, bye' to prescription drugs
Treasure the prescription drugs you have today. When the politicians finish their "good works", it's going to take a lot of your money and ingenuity to get them.
July 2002
The Campus Crusade Against Christ
Over the years, I have heard students complain about professors calling Christianity a “violent religion” or telling their students who believe the Bible that they have a “problem” because evolution is a “proven theory.”
God, the Pledge and Schools
The atheists overplayed their hand. After their string of victories banning prayer and the Ten Commandments, they must have thought the time was ripe to get rid of God in the Pledge of Allegiance.
ABC Bleeps 'Jesus' Out of Broadcast
ABC says it edited the word "Jesus" out of a recent broadcast so viewers wouldn't be offended. For many, it had the opposite effect. The bleeped Jesus on "The View" has drawn the ire of some conservative media watchdogs and even the women whose on-air conversation was altered.
The Destructive Romance of the Intellectuals
Question: How many intellectuals believed and spread this lie and thereby colluded in the enslavement, death, and generalized social misery of hundreds of millions of socialist citizens? Answer: The overwhelming majority of intellectuals everywhere.
Gay ‘Big Brothers’?
It’s a brave new world at your local Big Brothers-Big Sisters office. As of this month, the Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) will require that all 500 of its local affiliates include active homosexuals as volunteers and mentors to children. Many parents who support Big Brothers-Big Sisters may be surprised to learn that their child could soon be paired with a gay or lesbian mentor.
Practicing Intellectual Virtue
Political correctness has made mudslinging — and worse — into a norm of social discourse. A return to the Intellectual Virtues is overdue, if not in the name of civility than for the sake of self-defense.
Bad medicine
The one monumental fact that is being ignored in all the political schemes to bring down the cost of pharmaceutical drugs is that it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to develop one successful new medicine.
Church Spokesman Replaced for Supporting Suicide Attacks
The spokesman of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, Father 'Atalla Hanna, who is a Palestinian Arab, stated his own and the Church's support for suicide attacks and for all forms of Palestinian resistance to the occupation. Subsequently, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Patriarch Irineios I, who distanced himself from Hanna's statements, decided to replace him – a move not well received by the Christian Arabs.
Required Reading: The Quran
What could be a better way to start a college career than by reading from a Good Book? Plenty, if the book in question is the Quran and your country has been attacked by Muslim terrorists.
Blood money
Every American accused of a crime is entitled to a vigorous defense -- that's the mantra of many lawyers in the United States. But what exactly comprises a "vigorous defense"?
The Decency of the Death Penalty
The death penalty is indeed a decent thing. Answering the monstrosity of the evil among us is our duty as decent people, as justice demands removing those who slaughter the innocent. The indecency is the idea of a justice system without the death penalty, consequently forcing victims' families to endure the corruption of society coddling the evil that destroyed their lives.
Guns and violence
Blaming violence on guns and fanning hysteria over accidental deaths to children from firearms are staples of anti-gun propaganda. Media help gun-control zealots spread false information that gun ownership and self-defense are certain paths to injury and death.
Sickening double standard
It isn't just that the world has chosen sides in a conflict. It is that the free, democratic world has bullied and abandoned a small free nation valiantly attempting to live by the civilized norms the free world theoretically champions, against an enemy that does not recognize them at all.
Separate but Equal in Washington, D.C.
If private schools succeed where public schools have failed, we'll hear calls for more extensive and revolutionary voucher programs. Public schools will be forced to innovate. They'll have no choice but to hold teachers, administrators, principals and, yes, teachers' unions, accountable. And the politicians who support them? They'd be held accountable, too.
This is your captain speaking: 'I am armed.'
Anyone who has flown in recent months knows the drill: Little old ladies, comely blond women and Al Gore get frisked and searched while government decoys carrying fake guns and bombs slip through the gate 25 percent of the time, according to recent nationwide tests.
Glossary for the liberal media
An eye-opening look at how the liberal media purposely skews their wording to accommodate their extreme bias.
Airline security: one big joke
She [security screener] blew a bubble with her gum, smacked her lips and sent me on my way. Osama bin Laden sends us Mohammed Atta. We send out Mr. Rogers and Britney Spears.
Gun Locks Threaten Lives, Study Says
SEATTLE — Trigger locks and gun safes don't reduce the number of gun accidents, and they actually put gun owners and their families in greater danger, a new report says.
June 2002
Dennis Prager - Commencement Address
"The ultimate counterculture and strength in America today is to take the God of Judaism and Christianity seriously. If you want to be an individual and to be strong, affirm a higher value system that enables you to say no to the prevailing culture."
Pledge Ruled Unconstitutional
Stunning politicians on both the left and right, a federal appeals court declared for the first time that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools is unconstitutional because of the words "under God".
Students fight ban on giving Bibles at school
Three Davenport students have sued their school district in federal court after they were told they couldn't pass out Bibles and a church-event flier on school grounds when classes weren't in session.
Forcing doctors to kill
After three decades dominated by the rabid rhetoric of reproductive choice, the number of doctors choosing to perform abortions keeps shrinking. To remedy this calamitous epidemic of new young doctors listening to their consciences (gasp), the abortion lobby has conjured a tidy solution: Infiltrate public training hospitals and force future doctors to learn the abortion trade.
How would the court fare on an IQ test?
Memo to criminals, thugs, and assorted murderers: Take a standard intelligence test now. Unless you play chess like a grand master and read Kierkegaard for fun, one day, it could be your get-out-of-the-gas-chamber-free card.
Death sentences
Nobody wants to execute a man who doesn't know what he is doing or who can't tell right from wrong. What is new within the past half-century are attempts to go beyond these factors and treat the speculations of shrinks as if they were science.
Why Radical Islam Hates America
'Why We Fight America': Al-Qa'ida Spokesman Explains September 11 and Declares Intentions to Kill 4 Million Americans with Weapons of Mass Destruction.
The collapse of the common good
Americans are not losing their minds, but they are afraid of using their minds. They are afraid to exercise judgment--afraid of being sued.
Why The Left Hates Israel
Israel is fair game because it's "capitalist," a client of the world's Great Satan, the US. We see here at work the same weird logic that allows leftists to shrug off Communism's 100 million corpses at the same time they scream about the accidental killing of a civilian. Not all people's lives, it seems, are equally precious--just those playing the proper role in the Marxist historical operetta.
Fighting evil
With summer upon us, the war on terrorism may become somewhat blinded by the light. I mean, who wants to think about Osama bin Laden and his sociopathic pals while laying on the beach? Possible nuke strikes don't exactly go well with box seats at a Red Sox game.
Interview with the Mother of a Suicide Bomber
"Jihad is a religious commandment imposed upon us. We must instill this idea in our sons' souls, all the time... What we see every day – massacres, destruction, bombing of homes – strengthened, in the souls of my sons, especially Muhammad, the love of Jihad and martyrdom."
Build Them Back!
Skyscrapers are the hallmark of civilization. They are monuments to human brilliance and creativity. I'm sure there are some nice trees, but I note that no one ever talks about the "heavenly suburb." Philosopher Jacques Ellul said cities exhibit "all the hopes of man for divinity." St. Augustine said the "house of God is itself a city."
May 2002
Just Turn It Off
To suggest that I should simply tune it out, turn it off, or put it aside is analogous to suggesting that if I were walking on a hiker's trail in the mountains and stumbled upon a spring loaded bear trap I should simply walk away from it and count myself lucky that I did not step on it and have it snap closed on my leg.
Bush achieves peace through strength
The Bush administration's new nuclear arms treaty with Russia is worth contemplating. It is, in its own way, a thing of beauty--a small thing that is actually quite large and that is wonderfully confounding to the way things are supposed to work.
Christian College Denied Accreditation Over Creationist Views
A Christian college in Virginia has been denied accreditation from the governing board for liberal arts schools because it teaches creationism.
What's So Great About America?
That is the provocative title of a new book by Dinesh D'Souza, a best-selling author who was born in India and who has become an American citizen. Although many among the intelligentsia would have meant that question to be sarcastic, D'Souza proceeds to spell out what is in fact great about his adopted country.
Liberals hide the truth of socialism
If only airline pilots worked for the government! Then Magaw would not only allow them to tussle with terrorists, but they would also be free to gun down innocent Americans without criticism.
Caring about the future
What's the impact of government spending on future generations? More government spending means higher taxes. In turn, higher taxes means less money left in the private sector to be used in many ways.
Suffering in the Middle East
Do you remember those horrifying stories several weeks back about the suffering in the Church of the Nativity? The locale was Bethlehem, West Bank. The church is one of the most sacred shrines in Christendom.
The case against Arafat
You read the news accounts of Israel's discovery of documents linking Yasser Arafat directly to terrorist acts and sponsorship of suicide bombings. Now read the report for yourself.
Celebrating life on mother's day
The more than 40 million abortions since 1973 that Planned Parenthood has performed or enabled are apparently insufficient for The Washington Post, which complained in an editorial last week that "80 percent of U.S. counties have no abortion provider," and encouraged abortion proponents to "keep looking for ways to produce them."
Do Government Programs Have to Work?
Since when did government programs need to "work"? The list of programs that fail, whose unintended consequences exacerbate problems, simply boggles the mind.
Would Mohamen Atta object to armed pilots
If only airline pilots worked for the government! Then Magaw would not only allow them to tussle with terrorists, but they would also be free to gun down innocent Americans without criticism.
Arafat’s Culture of Death
Children are inculcated, from a very young age, into Arafat’s culture of the death, which paves the way for teenagers to graduate into the cult of martyrdom. Kids are brainwashed to hate the “Zionist enemy” and are constantly instructed that “Palestine” is not just the West Bank and Gaza, but all of Israel.
Beware 'chicken littles' of welfare reform
By all accounts, welfare reform has been one of the few unqualified success stories in modern public policy, despite the dire warnings issued at the time of its enactment. Now that the landmark 1996 welfare reform legislation is up for renewal, the critics are at it again with doom and gloom predictions.
Disarming the Palestinians
What’s the best way to disarm a gunman? How about with words? That’s what the nation’s leading newspapers seem to be doing in regards to the "gunmen" in the Church of the Nativity.
April 2002
The Left’s Grandstanding over ANWR
If the entire state of Alaska were divided into 158,500 equal-sized parts, the proposed ANWR oil-drilling site would occupy exactly one of those parts.
The Power of Plain Biblical Speech
Several publications have recently remarked with awe about President Bush's penchant for plain-speaking. The amazement is palpable: Bush praises "Christ" by name and condemns "evil" without doing a song-and-dance about needing to "take into account root causes of terrorist acts." Awesome!
The war on charity
Why sacrifice to help others when politicians will take your money anyway? This has long been a problem with the welfare state.
Why Teens Feel Spiritually Empty
American teenagers are spiritually lonely and feel deprived of parental guidance in matters of faith, the head of a major youth ministry project told UPI.
America's Catholic Church Needs Spiritual Leaders
Without a different type of leadership, one that is in harmony with the true believing faithful, the current crowd can tinker around the edges but little will improve for the simple reason that these Bishops just don't get it.
Pass the Advil on Taxes
The top 5 percent of income earners pay more than 55 percent of the total federal income taxes. The top 10 percent of taxpayers - those earning above $74,981 - who received 41.6 percent of the nation's income and paid 62.4 percent of the taxes, thus paying a tax share 50 percent greater than their income share.
On root causes and relativism
Some always look for root causes to justify inexcusable behavior in the world. But they search in vain, because a mask of moral relativism obscures their vision. The cause is evil, and it provides no excuses.
Are your taxes too low
You may be tired of thinking about and paying taxes after April 15th, but many in Washington think you’re not paying enough. In fact, the preposterous idea that Americans are undertaxed is accepted as truth by a significant number of the members of Congress.
Do peace treaties produce peace?
Europe has been at peace for an unprecedented nearly six decades. Why? It surely is not because of peace treaties between enemy states, and it's surely not because of disarmament.
U.N. vote undermines 'human rights'
There are close to 60 Muslim nations represented in the United Nations. With the exception of Turkey, there's not a real democracy in the bunch. And yet, they've all mastered the language of the West, calling for self-determination, human rights and describing Yasser Arafat as an elected leader while calling Israel a terrorist regime.
Nine out of Ten Caribou Support Drilling >
It was bad enough when Democrats just lied a lot themselves, purported not to know what "is" means, and claimed that "everybody" lied, perjured themselves and suborned the perjury of others. Now they believe that telling the truth is not merely contrary to the principles of the Democratic Party, it's also a violation of law.
The Middle East Fanstasyland
The misguided belief that Israel's enemies can be dissuaded from their goal has helped create the current predicament. Given the evidence of noncompliance by Arafat and his co-murderers with every and all previous agreements, what evidence is there that would lead any rational person to accept the fiction that these annihilators would honor new pledges?
Just a Matter of Time
Over 200 years ago, Goethe said, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." It is long past time for the American people to look, with clear eyes, at what has been happening in this country for the past six or seven decades.
By Any Means Necessary
The Israelis know all to well that measured responses - like temporary agreements - will not procure peace. Just as American leaders knew that measured responses to the terrorists who attacked us on Sept. 11 would only embolden our enemies.
The Case Against Assisted Suicide
In the Netherlands, one out of 20 Dutch who die is killed by a physician. After killing so often, you lose the horror of it. Half of Dutch doctors have no problem suggesting to patients that being killed might be a good idea.
The Campaign Against Big Food
All along, there were a few people warning that if the campaign against tobacco was successful, it would inevitably lead to special taxes and lawsuits against other products. Such concerns were universally dismissed as paranoid or tobacco-industry propaganda. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.
"Washington Post" Bias Against Israel
Is the Post’s bias so thoroughly ingrained that it can nonchalantly bandy about brazen words uttered only by fierce Palestinian partisans? Going town-by-town in the disputed territories to dismantle Arafat’s terrorist infrastructure in a defensive effort can hardly be considered conquering.
March 2002
The War Against "Truth"
A central theme of modernity is the impossibility of really knowing anything, except scientific theories. The Bible is legend and myth; literature is a collection of authorial crotchets and phobias; the U.S. Constitution embodies the prescriptions of upper class white males.
Restraint and discipline
Contrary to the moral equivalence implied by Oz, accidentally killing innocent people while fighting terrorists is not the same as deliberately targeting civilians in restaurants, nightclubs and shopping malls. But neither is it the same as killing an aggressor in self-defense.
Who's Selling Out the Scouts?
Though the Boy Scouts of America have won high-stakes legal battles in the last two years, disturbing signs indicate they may be capitulating in the cultural arena.
Will Conservatives Save the First Amendment?
A strong case can be made that the First Amendment has never been more threatened than it is now by those in American public life who seek to silence opponents by gutting their constitutional right to think, believe and say as they please.
Vivid examples of fundamental wrong
One would think that the West's core values would influence the Muslims in its midst. Sometimes this happens, but more often Muslims living in the West actually become more insular and radical.
MTV Assaults Our Children - Warning Adult Content
The show "Dismissed" is apparently another example of MTV educating children about the network’s own version of sexuality. As evidenced by its timeslot, the show caters to after-school kids who watch this programming before their parents get home from work.
Sins of the Fathers
Until the Catholic Church begins to return to the teachings of Jesus Christ and move away from the trappings of power and suppression of dissent, it will be a wounded institution.
Illegal Immigration and Terrorism
The connection between illegal immigration reform and homeland security is now fantastically obvious to most Americans, but the loose-and-open borders crowd is as blind and dumb as ever.
The Andrea Yates verdict
The only good thing about the Andrea Yates case is that the jury was obviously not influenced by the months of propaganda for her by radical feminists, while the judge's gag order kept the prosecution from telling the public the other side of the story.
February 2002
Welfare and Marriage
The Bush administration proposes one small change in welfare policy: Redirect $100 million now spent on the ineffectual so-called illegitimacy bonus into demonstration projects to help poor parents interested in marriage succeed in creating a healthy, lasting bond. As expected, feminists are livid.
Politically correct bibles
The IBS said it was moving speedily to publish a revision of the most-used Bible in the United States, the New International Version, which will reduce the presence of words such as "he" and "man" that feminists find objectionable.
NEA: Protection or indoctrination?
On Feb. 8, the NEA Board adopted a plan it says will make schools safe and hospitable for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students and education employees. The plan will also encourage schools to develop factual materials for classroom discussions on homosexuality.
Culturee is culprit in anti-family ethos
The administration wants to spend $100 million to promote marriage, and the National Organization for Women is having a meltdown. The White House contemplates an educational campaign on the importance of marriage and pre-martial counseling for those approaching marriage. NOW is livid.
Homosexual Authors Target Kids
Todd Tuttle and his same-sex partner, Marc Adams, are on a mission -- and like many homosexual activists, children are their main mission-field target.
Bush weighs in on partial-birth abortions
In opposing partial-birth abortion, Bush is fighting for all of us. If we allow this evil to continue, we will have lost something basic. The debate isn't just about the humanity of the unborn child, but ours as well.
Story of Deliverance Edited Out of CBS Show
A former homosexual who was invited to speak on a nationally televised talk show of his conversion to Christianity and how Christ delivered him from the sin of homosexuality says producers on the show did not want the real truth out.
Redford dances with nonsense
Actor, director, entrepreneur and liberal activist Robert Redford has weighed in on the horrific events of last Sept. 11.
Turner is a window on liberal soul
Ted Turner has called Christianity "a religion for losers," said abortion is the only alternative to environmental disaster, praised Fidel Castro and told Polish jokes at the pope's expense.
Carter - More mush from the wimp
It happens whenever Jimmy Carter stops fixing houses, making ceremonial appearances and otherwise being the country's finest ex-president. And starts talking about politics. That's when we can all be grateful he's an ex-president.
It's a life, stupid
With cool pragmatism, the scientific community explains that killing dumb, senseless, unaware babies is a good thing because it can unlock the secrets to curing chronic and genetically transmitted diseases.
The Audacity to Be Black and Conservative
Liberalism is the last refuge of racist scoundrels. It focuses solely on skin color, to the exclusion of all other human characteristics. No matter what someone of color has accomplished, he or she is still classified first and foremost as a member of a racial group.
How did we get a federal curriculum?
Elementary and secondary school education used to be organized around subjects such as reading, math, history, geography, language and science. While smatterings of those subjects are still taught, the focus has been shifted from academic subject matter to teaching attitudes, beliefs, values, themes, behaviors and job skills.
Public school isn't like I remember it
Public schools seem to be obsessed with requiring students to fill out nosy questionnaires. The latest outrage, titled "How Am I?", asked 55 intrusive questions of New Jersey seventh and eighth graders.
Free speech has lost its constituency on left
The truth is that free speech no longer has a strong core constitutency in America. What passes for a core constituency is now mostly on the right. The left, which once fiercely fought for free speech, essentially abandoned that role.
Daniel Pearl's death - a lesson in evil
Anyone who has followed Pearl's story knows his bio by now. To the words already delivered, I would add only this: Pearl was killed by evil. Not by people with legitimate political concerns; not by "folks" who are at cultural odds with the US; not by disenfranchised victims of American imperialism. But by evil.
Lawlessness in Boston
The right thing for the church to do here is to take seriously the word of Christ, that it were better for him who attacks the innocence of children if a millstone be tied around his neck and he be cast into the depths of the sea.
Why do we call it 'reform'
There's very big dragon that conservatives have been unable to slay for centuries - the widely held conviction that "progress" and "change" mean the same thing. St. Augustine, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton and countless others have meditated long and hard on the pernicious belief that anything new is inherently better.
January 2002
Christianity Under Siege
The Democratic point of view will maintain it has nothing against Christianity as long as that Christianity has no strong doctrines or core beliefs. You may be a Christian as long as you are "their" kind of Christian.
Discarding Truth
In recent years, we have seen the advent of a new breed of scientist to whom ideological or political agendas are more important than truth. Hoping to close two national forests, government scientists planted evidence that the forests were inhabited by an endangered species of lynx.
Making the Case for Abstinence
The message at the Power of Abstinence celebration was clear: Abstinence works, abstinence is achievable. You are worth waiting for.
Those Who Are Voiceless
It is ironic that American politicians sent our fighting men to Central Europe to protect ethnic Muslim Albanians from attacks by Christian Serbs, yet fail to offer similar help to Christians being attacked and persecuted in areas from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, from Sudan to Egypt.
Those dastardly 'fundamentalists'
For so many liberals, Christian conservatives are there only to be caricatured as dangerous, superstitious tyrants.
Christians in Indonesia - Allowing Persecution
One gets the impression that, when it's Christians being murdered or tortured, the international press isn't really interested. The Western press goes overboard in being sensitive to the Muslim community. They do not want to be Islamophobic, so they ignore the realities of the situation.
Mainstreaming deviancy in California
While Americans remain focused on the war on terror and the doings at Enron, a decisive battle in the culture war will be fought out this month in the California State Assembly.
Denial: A River in Egypt
The pattern of avoiding unpleasant facts offers an insight into the problems of Muslim society. Turning defeat into victory, evidence into forgery, and terrorism into an "inside job" creates an alternate and more hospitable world.
What's practiced by college administrators, courts and administrative agencies is anything but a defense of individual rights, freedom from conformity and a doctrine of live-and-let-live.
Islam Studies Required in California Schools
As children return to school this week, 7th graders in certain public schools will be required to attend an intensive 3 week course on Islam; a course in which students are mandated to learn the tenets of Islam, study the important figures of the faith, wear a robe, adopt a Muslim name and stage their own Jihad.
Broken Families and School Performance
The crucial predictor of a school's performance is the quality of the children's families not government spending. Granted, many schools are heroic exceptions to this rule. Nevertheless, it is the rule.
Big government vs. Bible and Constitution
The Bible is clear on government's chief role: to wield "the power of the sword" against both external enemies and internal criminals. The role of government, though, is not to construct a new Eden or reconstruct society.
Three white guys and a flag
Once you start slicing and dicing truth, there's no end to it. And once you become comfortable with little adjustments to truth, a tweak here and a tweak there, you begin not to notice when truth disappears altogether.
Power to Tax; Power to Destroy
The power to tax is the power to destroy – and Senator Daschle wants more of it. The power to spend is the power to regulate and Senator Daschle wants more of it.
If We Were Serious
In a world where ruthless international terrorists have targeted the US, and where they may have nuclear and biological weapons in a few years, you might think that we would all get serious about the grim options facing us, and direct our efforts toward fighting terrorism as our top priority.
Infallible haters?
Whenever others express their hatred of Americans, in words or deeds, the liberals always ask: "Why do they hate us?" Apparently we should automatically go in quest of those "root causes" so dear to the ideology of the left.
Greenpeace on the Defense
Greenpeace poses as a group interested in promoting better ecology based on scientific analysis. But its real mission, is "to manipulate values, norms, and modes of discourse; it seeks to alter people's conceptions of reality." It tries to change culture as well as behavior.
South Africa After Apartheid
Moral crusaders have the habit of heading off to their next crusade without bothering to see whether anything went wrong on their last one.
Inching Toward Socialism
Surely there can no longer be any doubt that America is well on its way down the slippery slope to socialism. The government continues to grow in size, power and arrogance as it asserts increasing sovereignty over the lives and behavior of its subjects.
Three cheers for Captain 'X'!
Hmmm ... a nervous, belligerent, armed Arab Muslim passenger, with questionable federal identification, and Arab anti-Western propaganda. Would you want to risk your life on a plane with this guy?
How to mau-mau a Harvard Don
For students interested in learning how to conduct a first-class shakedown, few finer examples exist than the recent de-pantsing of the president of Harvard, Larry Summers.
Daschle's war on Bush
The idea that Bush is responsible for the recession and his tax cut is making it worse is ludicrous and ordinarily would be laugh-out-loud hilarious were it not that Daschle is making these obviously outlandish claims in order to deceive the American people and undermine the Bush presidency.
In 2001, They Were Unacceptable
Each year at this time, I like to recognize the biggest boors, boobs and bottom-feeders of the past 12 months with my Unacceptable People Awards. In a year filled with drama and trauma, they provided the comedy.
Giving Bill Clinton a helping hand in 2002
This year, instead of selfishly making New Year's resolutions for myself, I have decided to offer assistance to other people who need help and have asked for it.
Year 2001 Only Slightly Warmer Than Average
The 2001 calendar year was slightly warmer than "average," according to global climate data gathered by instruments aboard NOAA satellites.
Global warming claims 'based on false data'
Fresh doubt has been cast on evidence for global warming following the discovery that a key method of measuring temperature change has exaggerated the warming rate by almost 40 percent.

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