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2001 - Articles Archive
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December 2001
Christ is born! Glorify Him!
Today the unfolding of God's love is revealed in the birth of His only-begotten Son. Today heaven and earth are sanctified by the virginal birth. Today the dividing wall of hostility between all peoples is abolished by the One who emptied Himself "taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men."
Merry Christmas, er, season's greetings
Officials in Ramsey County, Minn., banned "red poinsettias" from display at the capitol in St. Paul because they're symbolic of something, presumably religious. Exactly what the symbolism is is not quite clear.
Christmas Crackdowns Resume
Across the country dozens students or teachers are being told that various Christmas carols, messages or decorations were banned from their schools. In nearly all the cases, school officials that they had overstepped their bounds.
ACLU Canít Block "In God We Trust" Posters
For too long, the ACLU has used a mythical 'separation of church and state' argument to drive the knowledge of God out of our classrooms; it seems they are finally loosing ground.
A Christmas Healing
"Touched By An Angel," now in its 8th season, continues to pour virtue and even thoughts of God into an entertainment pool that has been largely corrupted by baser things. The show embarrasses some critics but blesses a lot of people.
Christmas in America
This nation at Christmastime has been brought together and ennobled by its grief. Though "tis the season to be jolly," America is still touched by sadness for the people we lost on Sept. 11. We grieve also for the families and friends of those lost Americans.
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
Donít run away to the familiar, spirit-numbing alternatives of self-destruction the world has to offer. The unconditional love of a child born at Christmas will heal your heart and save your soul.
Daschle Invents 60-Vote Majority
Ultra-liberal senator Tom Daschle says he will not back down from his demand that any legislation deemed "controversial" by Democrats receive the support of 60 senators before he will allow the Senate to vote.
We'll Pay Them Reparations Later
There is a common thread hidden within 20 years of relentless attacks on America by Muslim extremists: In every one of these attacks by Muslim extremists, there appears to be one or more Muslim extremists involved.
Educrats Censor Christmas
The thought police who run America's government schools are censoring Christmas at an even more alarming rate than usual this year. Read appalling examples that show how anti-religious fanaticism is one type of bigotry that the left encourages.
A New Era?
This year marked not only the beginning of a new millennium, but of a truly new era as well. In one sense, that era began on September 11th but, in another sense, it began on January 20th, when George W. Bush became President of the United States.
All that's left
The guilt game played by the left is the biggest fraud perpetuated on the American taxpayer in history. Most Americans are struggling to keep solvent while very high taxes gut our incomes. Yet the left wants higher taxes but resists disciplined accountability.
Christmas is a Time for Giving
In this life, we can only lose ourselves when we try to gain the material things of this world. When will we wake up to the reality that all we truly possess and all we truly need is love and compassion for one another?
Man of the Year: President Bush
No matter how you look at it, the only rational choice for Man of the Year has to be President Bush, who in less than 12 months has shown the nation and the world what a great man and leader he is.
Santa is Appalled
I was hoping the annual assault on Christmas would be shelved this year because the national mood was more sober after 9-11, but no such luck. Grinches are running wild, and it's my job to chase them down and put snow down their backs.
American Christmas and Orthodox Nativity
Alas, American Christmas is acquiring a more and more pagan character: so much time is wasted on shopping, often unnecessarily, for clothing, for everything exterior, while inner spiritual concerns remain almost in oblivion.
A Beacon in the Night
Thomas Kinkade, world-renowned "Painter of Light," credits his talent and inspiration for creating works of beauty to Jesus Christ, the "Light of the world."
An Introduction to the New Traditionalism
Christianity increasingly finds itself besieged by the forces of a militant, aggressive secularism; the "gay liberation" and multiculturalism agendas are making rapid progress in their quest for an intolerant "tolerance".
NY School: No to Nativity, Yes To Menorah
A New York City school is accused of religious discrimination for allowing the display of Islamic and Jewish symbols, but not Christian symbols.
War on terrorism highlights flaws
A college campus is one of the last places to find freedom of speech, and has been for many years. We are systematically abandoning our heritage as a great nation and are teetering on the threshold of losing our national identity.
Yahoo! Greeting Cards Ridicule Christmas
What this just goes to show is that there is a contempt for Christianity among our elites in this country that has no rival. Dumbing down Christmas is very important to these people otherwise they wouldnít be working overtime to get the job done.
Scrapping ABM Treaty the Right Thing To Do
President Bush is withdrawing the United States from the ABM Treaty we signed with the Soviet Union in 1972. Heís making the right decision, because he has to protect and defend millions of lives.
The Pied Piper of Tora Bora
Everywhere at the millennium, the human community agrees that fascism, theocracy, communism, tribalism, statism, and fundamentalism lead nowhere but to misery - everywhere, that is, except the Islamic world of the Middle East.
Wrist-Slapping Baby-Killers
Between 1976 and 1999, the FBI reports, mothers killed 4,118 children under age five, while fathers murdered 4,179. This travesty is just the latest and most revolting example of the ho-hum attitude too many Americans hold toward baby-killing.
November 2001
Where Is God When You Need Him?
That question has a blasphemous ring to it. But itís one we ask so often, openly or not, that itís worth giving serious consideration. The Gospel, in fact, gives the only answer that matters, and thatís where we have to begin.
True Turkey
Just ten weeks ago, it didn't seem that this Thanksgiving would be particularly thankful. But today we can celebrate bounties and glories many of us doubted we still had.
Give Thanks, by George
The Thanksgiving proclamation. By President George Washington, October 3, 1789
God, War, Thanksgiving
Ten weeks after the September 11 attacks, Thanksgiving comes at a providential moment. Two aspects of the holiday make it a timely source of comfort and strength for most Americans ó and a vexation to the shrinking enclaves of political correctness.
October 2001
Disregarding God
What a monstrous irony that in this time of dire peril, as God hears prayers rising in a mighty chorus from across the nation, our children sit captive in government school classrooms where prayer is forbidden, God is ostracized and religion is held in open contempt.
Our Eyes Should Be Focused East
There has been considerable focus on Russia as this world war on terrorism starts. It is well deserved because President Putin has done what no Russian leader has ever done.
ACLU Fights "God Bless America" Sign
In a protest that has many wondering if the ACLU has finally become mentally unhinged the ultra-liberal group has attacked a sign at a school asking that God Bless America, saying it is not only unconstitutional but "a hurtful divisive message" bound to do grievous harm to schoolchildren.
Donít Call Me Secular!
The present war is not a war between a secular nation and a Muslim nation. Ours is not a secular nation. We are the single-most religious of all the advanced nations, and the third- or fourth-most religious of all nations anywhere on earth.
Awakening to Reality
We must now understand that we face fanatical enemies who would, with great joy and thanksgiving, lob a nuclear missile at one or more of our great cities with the expectation of killing millions of American men, women and children.
The Lunatic Fringe
How God brings good out of the midst of evil is one of the greatest testimonies of both His greatness and His goodness. No thing, event, or person is outside the capabilities of God to use in a way that will bring honor and glory to Himself and reaffirm His sovereignty and providence.
September 2001
Committed to Evil
The commitment to destroy Christians throughout history has been well-documented even if it has been overlooked or ignored. The commitment to evil of those who oppose Christianity has been inscribed in the annals of history and has been well-known for centuries.
The Queenís Tears
At Britain's memorial service for the war dead of last Tuesday, the first chords of "The Star-Spangled Banner" rumbled up from the great organ at St Paul's Cathedral, and the Queen did something she's never done before ó she sang a foreign national anthem, all the words.
Orthodox Messages Regarding the US Tragedy
Today is a day of tragedy not only for the citizens of New York and Washington, DC, but also for all citizens of the United States and, indeed, for all justice-minded and peace-loving persons throughout the world.
What Stops Terrorists? Guns.
Over the last three weeks, Americans have become ever more cognizant of a simple truth long ago obscured by ideological clamor: Guns reduce crime.
Save Lives, Arm Pilots
The anti-gun organizations peddle the notion that pilots are not capable of being trained to safely handle firearms, even though they are capable of flying multi-million dollar airplanes and handling all emergencies.
Legitimizing Murderers
Weeks have passed since the shameful attack on unsuspecting civilians by mindless cowards who believe that God rewards people for slitting women's throats and slamming jumbo jets into buildings instantly killing, incinerating, and burying thousands of hapless men, women, children, and babies.
August 2001
The New Moral Equivalence
The doctrine of "moral equivalence," is used by media pundits, commentators and intellectuals of the Left to equate the United States and the totalitarian powers, as complete equals in the moral plane.
The Misuse of Creation
Some time within the next few years, scientists will clone the first human child. A decade ago, a preacher might have said that to shock or frighten you into staying awake for his homily. Today I'm just informing you of a fact.
The Betrayal of the Intelligentsia
By adopting the scientifically unsound theory of Darwinian evolution and tweaking it with a bit of Marxist ideology (though it would never admit to doing so) the Intelligentsia found itself on top of the food chain, politically empowered with elite social status.
Old Tyrannical Habits are Hard to Break
A decade ago, the Evil Empire disappeared into Ronald Reaganís ďdust bin of history.Ē Now, on the anniversary of that dissolution, the American media are doing all sorts of retrospectives on what has happened since the end of the USSR.
True Worship vs. Sexual Idolatry
There is an altar, so to speak, in every personís heart. Enthroned on that altar is whatever a person is devoted to and has submitted himself to in life.
July 2001
Proclaiming the Christian World View
There are several core principles upon which a Christian world view must be based if it is to have staying power in an otherwise hostile world system.
What the Cross Tells Us
The cross tells us that something is dreadfully wrong with the human condition and that God's love for us knows no limit.
Myths and Meteorology
Like the Clinton administration before it, the Bush administration supports international efforts to curb global warming. Yet the evidence indicates that the earth is not overheating.
Socialist Ideas Endangering Our Children
The fundamental goal of socialism is the establishment of a sociopolitical milieu where the individual is controlled by the state from the cradle to the grave. It seems this dream has taken a few steps closer to reality for young children living in Washington, DC.
Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy
One will realize just how ludicrous the decision to remove the United States from the UN Human Rights Commission really is once they learn that the seat belonging to the beacon of hope to the world in this life was given to Sudan.
Rediscovering Independence Day
Despite their best efforts to revise and rewrite American history there is a pleasant revival of interest in American history. As a matter of fact it may be because of their ceaseless efforts to change history that millions of Americans are rediscovering our heritage as a Christian nation.
June 2001
Home Prayer Breaks County Ordinance
A local rabbi who discovered his weekly prayer gatherings violate an Orange County zoning ordinance is fighting to change the law.
Disestablish the Cult of Liberalism
Itís well past time for liberalism to be declared a religion and banned from public schools.
Taking Senate Democrats at Their Word
No matter what promises of fairness they make, Senate Democrats have already shown their hand, and they will do all they can to politicize the courts and the judicial nomination process.
Senate: No Scouts, No Money
The Senate voted to withhold federal funds from school districts that deny the Boy Scouts access to their facilities because of the organization's ban on homosexual members.
Talking Down Vouchers
It's a pity that the anti-choicers have resorted to lies and misinformation to make their case. Their deceptions are counterproductive.
ABM Departure
It just might be that the liberal establishment's religious attachment to the ABM treaty has finally cracked, at least the slightest bit.
Educating Europe
Europe proved in the last century that the rule of law and its civil codes are as malleable as butter.
May 2001
I Take Offense to That!
I see a very timid Church today. Much like the army of Israel who sat paralyzed with fear, much of today's Church is afraid to do battle with those who mock and ridicule the God of faithful Christianity.
Religious Holiday To Be Axed
British schools are to be told to scrap Easter holidays and replace them with a non-religious 'spring break' as part of a fundamental overhaul of the way children are taught.
U.N. Support of Human Rights Abuses
The United Nations is trying to punish the United States because the Bush Administration has refused to go along with its leftist agenda.
Foul Play
Shakespeare wrote, "The evil that men do lives after them." Nothing could be more true than the problems created by the last-minute executive orders signed by the most corrupt U.S. president in history - William J. Clinton.
How Do You Spell "Relief"?
Congress still needs to move to scrap the current income tax and install a simpler system.
Parents vs. Educrats
America soon will learn whether the government school establishment would rather plunge 515 low-income, minority students into ignorance than let them shine in private hands.
April 2001
Whose Business Is Your Faith?
When we blindly accept the premise that our relationships with God are private we inadvertently open the door for detractors to insist upon the constriction of our beliefs and demand the restriction of openly expressing them.
A Time for Resistance
Our Founding Fathers fought a war for independence more than 200 years ago over grievances far less threatening to individual freedom and self-government than those Americans face today.
Easter: A Celebration of Renewal
A century of confronting the pagan religions of Marxism and Nazism has given devout Christians, Jews, and Moslems a common enemy: secularism. This battle has helped reunite Christendom, turning onetime rival Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox into de facto allies.
We seem to have come to a point in the Church that anyone who speaks anything about anyone that is deemed to be "unkind" is chastised for their "judgmentalism" or lack of Christ-like love.
Indeed He Is Risen!
The great news for Christians and non-Christians alike is that the Gospel is true. God created the world and man in it.
Did The Resurrection Really Happen?
The crucifixion of Jesus was especially well documented and accepted as fact and so was His resurrection and His appearance for 40 days afterwards witnessed by hundreds.
"Straight Pride" Shirt Banned on Campus
High school student in Minnesota is barred from wearing sweatshirt with the words "Straight Pride". School officials are enforcing school policies that squelch viewpoints favorable toward heterosexuality.
Hell. The Place. Not the Profanity.
For some reason I got to thinking not long ago about how long it has been since I heard hell spoken of in the biblical sense. In our society it is out of vogue to mention the biblical hell.
A Physician's View of the Crucifixion
"I had for years taken the Crucifixion more or less for granted -- I had grown callous to its horror by a too easy familiarity with the grim details and a too distant friendship with our Lord."
March 2001
Religious Neutralism
Some Christians see the decay of the world as predestined and inevitable, so they withdraw from society. Such a retreat, however, only contributes to the growth of evil.
Freedom of Religion, Not From Religion
The legal attack on Ohio's state motto is just one phase of an ongoing campaign to rewrite the First Amendment and establish a public sphere free of any religious expression.
GLAADly Ignored
In every element of the Jesse Dirkhising case, the national media have failed to fulfill their usual role as wailing, oh-the-humanity, breast-beaters.
God of the Refrigerator
For Eastern Orthodox believers, the season of Great Lent began with the candlelight Forgiveness Vespers on Sunday, Feb. 25. Thus, our family will be trying to follow a host of ancient Christian fasting traditions.
Internet Expands Education
An on-line university dedicated to countering political correctness and presenting the authentic view of the founding fathers of this nation, will be able to continue.
Pretty Useless
Julia Roberts wants you to know that, so far as she is concerned, George W. Bush is not the President of the United States.
The Liar Is Gone
When Reagan was elected, this country had 80 percent marginal tax rates. That barbarism was expunged a mere 18 years ago ó and no thanks to the Democrats.
A Nobel Prize for Fidel?
Judging from the way so many in the West idealize and rhapsodize about totalitarian leaders and regimes, it was a foregone conclusion.
Culture of Death Angels
A CBS News poll found a wide majority of Americans supporting Bush's proposed $1.6 trillion tax cut Ė but the network didn't even mention the survey results in its own evening newscast.
American Culture Accepts Clinton
There was a time when an ex-president in the sort of trouble Bill Clinton is in would have been shunned by the American people. Not anymore.
February 2001
Americans Still Don't Get It
The same God that created sex and called it good also set some parameters around it. Sex is to occur in the context of marriage as an expression of love. It is definitely not to be idolized.
The Neglected Doctrine
What has caused the spiritual and moral vacuum in the Church and subsequently this country? A lack of conversation about hell.
Character & Morality on the Screen?
With all the sex and violence on the screen today, it may seem like an oxymoron to talk about character and morality in movies and on television.
It's Official - Bush Won
The Miami Herald has reported that George W. Bush won the presidential election. No one, of course, was wondering about that.
Hollywood Bush-Bashing
Hollywood positively, unequivocally, without reservation condemns gay bashing. But Republican bashing; now that's different.
Beware of Anti-Tax Con Men
Tax time, April 15, is drawing nearer and nearer. Almost everyone is unhappy about having to pay income and payroll taxes, but conservatives are especially vexed.
You Are Just One Voice, But You Count
Over the past eight years, I believe the lack of moral and political leadership from the White House has torn at the fabric of our country.
January 2001
The Abortion Thaw
In the wind and the cold, the great March for Life of January 22 goes on, year by dreary year. More and more people are beginning to awaken.
The Big Lie
Take a matter with some truth to it, then distort it beyond recognition, then repeat the distortion again and again and again. The lie becomes the "truth".
Bush Promotes Sanctity of Life and Honor
American Family Association is pleased to report that President Bush has already established a high moral tone for his staff by calling for three goals.
No Joke
The "pranks" of outgoing Clinton-Gore staffers at the White House included infecting computers with viruses, slashing telephone lines, and leaving a trail of trash across the West Wing.
Bush Bans Foreign Aid Promoting Abortion
"It is my conviction that taxpayer funds should not be used to pay for abortions or advocate or actively promote abortion, either here or abroad," said President George W. Bush.
The Triumph of the Village Idiot
President W. comes to office with an enormous advantage, courtesy of his critics and the self-important scribblers and chatterers who shape so much of our political commentary.
Lots of Firsts
He showed us how low a president could go.
The Abortion Litmus Test
The leftist jihad against John Ashcroft was not about defeating his nomination to be the next Attorney General of the United States. Rather, it was "a shot across the bow in terms of Supreme Court nominations."
Springtime for Slanderers
In South Africa, we call it apartheid. In Nazi Germany, we'd call it fascism. Here in the United States, we call it conservatism,Ē said Jesse Jackson years ago.
Clinton Snubbed Pope John Paul II
"The only leader I did not manage to have a proper conversation with was Clinton. I was speaking, and he was looking at one of the walls, admiring the frescos and the paintings. He was not listening to me."
Ice in the Greenhouse
Something very big is now happening to our planet - something far bigger than environut s impletons like Al Gore can understand.
It's Not About Civil Rights
Colin Powell just isn't good enough for the Civil Rights Coalition. Furthermore, Powell preaches to everyone who will listen that he is an example of the American dream.
The Separation of Church and State
There is a terrible assault going on -- and the liberal social engineers have declared that Christians are the enemy. Amidst their cries of "diversity" and "tolerance" it has become fashionable to bash Christians and deny the Christian roots of American democracy.
Facts Are "Out"
Increasingly bold intellectuals are denigrating the very idea of facts. It's all how you look at it, according to the more airy and self-indulgent of the intelligentsia.

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