From "What the Church Fathers say about..."
Christian Love and the Sanctity of Marriage
edited by George W. Grube

Marriage, in the Church, is a state of life which is inseparable from the idea of a family - the fundamental cell of the organism known as "society." The Church blesses the married sate so that husband and wife may be exalted. Thus marriage take on a holy character and is a most serious matter. In the Mystery (Sacrament) of Marriage the Church invokes the help of God on those being united sa man and wife, so that they might realize, fulfill and attain the aim of the married state, i.e., to create a Christian family and to raise children in the faith and in knowledge of the Gospel.

Marriage has the blessing of Almighty God upon it and is a sacred bond between man, woman and children born of this union. In our society today marriage has been so cheapened that is has become almost a temporary state of affiliation between two people unaware of it's Divine character and purpose. When the Holy state of matrimony becomes contaminated by secular society, and its lack of Christian values - then the very basic unit of society, i.e., the family, the very core around which the child is nurtured and blessed, is corrupted and torn apart. Without the holy state of marriage and the bonds of the family we become a society without purpose or meaning.

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