"Yet he who seeks the truth is really seeking GOD, who is the ground of all truth. "Why am I here?  Who am I?   Where am I going?  What is my purpose in life?"  People who ask these questions are really seeking GOD."
Orthodox Faith
A Struggle To Find Faith
In these troubled times it is very difficult to find people with faith in Christ Our God. Looking back into the Holy Scriptures, we can see a parable showing that Christ had some difficulty in teaching His apostles, simply because of their lack of faith.
Why Should I Become an Orthodox Christian
One should become an Orthodox Christian because, on the basis of Holy Scripture and the continuous history of two thousand years of Christianity, the Orthodox Church represents the fullest and most correct expression of the original Faith taught by our Lord Jesus Christ and inaugurated by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
The Orthodox Faith
Orthodoxy holds the eternal truths of God.
The Principles of the Orthodox Faith
Brief explanation of the Orthodox Creed and its beliefs.
I Believe
A short exposition of Orthodox Doctrine and beliefs.
What Orthodox Christians Believe
Brief explanation of the Orthodox Creed and its beliefs.
Orthodox Church
What is the Orthodox Church?
A brief and concise explanation of its origins.
True Orthodoxy
Clear and concise article introduces the Orthodox Church.
Answers to Questions About the Orthodox Church
Some straight answers about the Orthodox Church.
The Orthodox Church
The history and tradition of the ancient church.
Worship & Services
Pray in your home, and pray in Church! Go to Church to pray and take your family with you! Encourage your children to pray by setting them a good and meaningful example.
The Orthodox Divine Service
Worship in the Orthodox Church is an uplifting and divine experience.
Holy Icons
What is the significance of Icons?
Time Line of Orthodox Church History
Historical time line of the ancient Christian Church.
  Eastern Orthodoxy :
A Way of Life

by Anthony Coniaris
An excellent book for anyone looking to find meaning in life or a solid foundation in faith. Each chapter clearly and beautifully explains the basics of Christian faith and life.
An Orthodox View of the Virgin Mary
How to the Orthodox view the Virgin Mary.

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