"The proof of God is to discover Him for yourself, not through logic or science but by faith, by surrendering your life to Him, by prayer, by repentance, through the Bible, the Church and the Sacraments."
Articles For Western Christians
Finding Common Ground
Partial resolution of Protestant difficulties with Orthodoxy
Are There Many Christian Churches, or is the True Church One?
Interview with a former Protestant Missionary
Which Came First, the Church or the New Testament?
    By Fr. James Bernstein a convert to Orthodoxy.
Seek and ye shall find...
A couple's journey to Orthodoxy.
Personal Testimony of Fr Seraphim Holland
A Roman Catholic discovers the Orthodox Faith.
Orthodox Church
True Orthodoxy
Clear and concise article introduces the Orthodox Church
Introduction to the Orthodox Church
Comprehensive and informative essay
Answers to Questions About the Orthodox Church
Some straight answers about the Orthodox Church
The Orthodox Church - About
An introduction to Orthodox Church history and doctrines
Time Line of Orthodox Church History
Historical time line of the ancient Christian Church
Orthodox Faith
What is Most Important
Meaning of our lives, God's nature and the Orthodox Faith and Church
Introduction to Orthodoxy
Information about the Orthodox Faith and Traditions
What is Orthodoxy?
Two different articles about the Orthodox Faith
I Believe
A short exposition of Orthodox Doctrine and beliefs
An Orthodox View of the Virgin Mary
How to the Orthodox view the Virgin Mary.
Worship & Liturgy
What to Expect When You Visit An Orthodox Church
Answers many of the questions first-time visitors ask
Holy Icons
What is the significance of Icons and why do Orthodox use them?
Why Lampadas are lit before Icons
The significance behind lighting candles and lamps
The Parables of the Gospel
The lessons Jesus Christ taught us through His parables
  Becoming Orthodox:
A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith

by Peter Gilquist
Peter Gilquist reveals in this book a deep hungering for spiritual truth, and a deeper Christian experience. The book is a journal of his pilgrimage from evangelical Protestantism, to evangelical Orthodoxy.

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